Spanish retail giant Zara has broken its silence after facing calls for a boycott over an ad campaign some deemed offensive.

Zara faced backlash after some people slammed its Atelier 2024 campaign called “The Jacket,” as “Gaza-war inspired,” deeming it insensitive to people there.

It removed some of the images from its social media and eventually its website, but now has spoken out over the controversy.

A model poses with a mannequin wrapped in fabric for a new fashion campaign by retailer Zara. The retailer has apologized for the campaign.

Posting to social media, Zara said the campaign was “conceived in July and photographed in September,” before the October 7 war between Israel and Hamas began.

“Unfortunately some customers felt offended by these images, which have now been removed, and saw in them something far from what was intended when they were created,” the company wrote.

“Zara regrets that misunderstanding and we reaffirm our deep respect towards everyone.”

This is a breaking news story and will be updated.