This Showtime Hit Is the Perfect Series if You Loved Netflix’s Society of the Snow



  • Yellowjackets takes a fictional approach to the aftermath of a plane crash involving a high school soccer team and incorporates supernatural elements.
  • The series goes beyond the crash itself, exploring the lives of the survivors 25 years later and how the events of the past continue to haunt them.
  • While Society of the Snow depicts a real-life tragedy, Yellowjackets offers a thrilling and unsettling narrative that seeks to entertain its audience.

Society of the Snow (La Sociedad de la Nieve) was recently released on Netflix, and fans of the film will most definitely want to check out the Showtime series with a similar premise. Although the television show and the film draw inspiration from the same horrific accident that occurred over five decades ago, they each take very different approaches when depicting the aftermath of plane crash survivors and the lengths they go to survive. While the new Netflix film depicts a real-life tragedy, Showtime’s Yellowjackets takes a fictional approach and updates its narrative to modern times while incorporating other nefarious elements.

Directed by J. A. Bayona, Society of the Snow tells the true story of the Uruguayan rugby team who crashed in the Andes mountains while on their way to a match in Chile in 1972. Without the necessary resources, the group ultimately resorts to cannibalism to survive. Similarly, the characters of Yellowjackets succumb to the same moral burden.

However, unlike the film, the series takes massive liberties with its inspiration. As such, the Showtime series is the perfect show for fans of the Netflix film because it doesn’t tell the exact same story. Instead, Yellowjackets introduces supernatural elements and extends its narrative beyond the scope of the crash. So, while the film and the series share a common thread, they are essentially very different stories, both of which are worth watching.

Yellowjackets Ultimately Tells a Different Story

Unlike the true events of 1972, Yellowjackets bears little resemblance to its inspiration apart from its inclusion of cannibalism and a plane crash. Unlike the film, the Showtime series tells the fictional story of a 1996 New Jersey high school girls soccer team whose plane crashes in the Ontario wilderness while on their way to a championship game. After detailing the initial wreck, the series introduces some of the same characters 25 years after the crash and continues to juxtapose the events of the past with the events of the future. However, not everything is as straightforward as it seems, nor is it clear who ultimately makes it out alive.

Yellowjackets Includes Supernatural Elements

What differentiates Yellowjackets from other tragic tales of cannibalism is its inclusion of unexplained supernatural elements, warping reality and expectations. As a result, the series is more unsettling than sad, which allows it to be more entertaining. While there are clearly heart-wrenching moments, given the nature of its story, the series ultimately seeks to thrill its audience more than anything else.

Aside from their reluctant cannibalism born out of the need to survive, at least in the beginning, the series incorporates a multitude of underlying mysterious forces that appear to be controlling the soccer team’s dire situation. The girls don’t immediately contemplate cannibalism. Instead, something in the wind seemingly presents the opportunity for them to partake in such a taboo act.

Furthermore, not only does the group seem to have experienced bizarre phenomena while in the Canadian wilderness, but the same forces appear to be pushing them back together 25 years later. Having moved beyond the realm of the forest, the supernatural forces at play now exist within the daily lives of each character in Yellowjackets. As such, those who managed to survive begin to question the past as well as their place and purpose as they try to move forward. However, their autonomy seems to be of little importance to whatever mysterious force is at play.


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Yellowjackets Goes Beyond the Scope of the Crash

Beyond depicting the aftermath of the plane crash in the Ontario wilderness and how the teen girls resorted to cannibalism, Yellowjackets extends its narrative beyond the scope of the wreckage. While the series incrementally details how the group managed to stay alive after the crash, it also juxtaposes that narrative with older versions of certain characters 25 years later. By incorporating a larger narrative surrounding its main characters, the series shows how the events of the past are still very much alive in the day-to-day lives of each survivor, whether or not they choose to recognize it.

Despite moving beyond what they endured in the wilderness, the series displays how each woman remains haunted by their choices. Furthermore, the series shows how each woman’s internal struggle has spilled over into their professional and personal lives, ultimately affecting the ones they love. As such, their story of survival is also a story about the trauma the group endures in the wake of such a uniquely horrendous experience.

Although born out of the same premise, Yellowjackets and Society of the Snow (La Sociedad de la Nieve) clearly take very different approaches to their narrative. Nonetheless, fans of the Netflix original will most definitely want to check out the Showtime series.

Seasons 1 and 2 of Yellowjackets are currently streaming on Showtime with Paramount+.

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Society of the Snow is currently streaming on Netflix.

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