Lashana Lynch Addresses MCU Future After The Marvels’ X-Men Post-Credits Scene



  • Lashana Lynch’s surprise appearance in The Marvels post-credits scene sets her up as part of the X-Men, but she doesn’t know what it means for her future in the franchise.
  • Lynch has no idea when she will make her next Marvel appearance and didn’t even have a script for her role in The Marvels.
  • The integration of the X-Men into the MCU has posed questions about Lynch’s character and whether she exists in the same universe as the previous X-Men films.

Lashana Lynch made an unexpected return to the Marvel Cinematic Universe with an appearance in The Marvels’ post-credits scene. Having already made appearances as Maria Rambeau in Captain Marvel, and as a variant of Captain Marvel in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, the actress’ latest appearance as Binary now sets her up as part of the X-Men. But what does this mean for her future in the franchise? One person who doesn’t know is Lynch herself, as she recently revealed to Screen Rant.

Lynch has developed a long list of big movie credits, which include a role as 007 in No Time to Die, and as teacher Miss Honey in Matilda: The Musical. Her latest role is more grounded, playing Rita Marley in the Bob Marley biopic Bob Marley: One Love, but it seems almost certain that she will be returning to more fantastical fare with her next Marvel appearance. However, she has no idea when that may be, and revealed that she didn’t even have a script for her role in The Marvels. She explained:

I did know going into [The Marvels]. I didn’t know what would happen next. I don’t know anything, literally. Every single increment of the character has been play-by-play, so I knew about Captain Marvel, then I knew about Doctor Strange, and then I knew about The Marvels. I didn’t even get the script for that, I just had those moments. I know what you know, and that’s it.

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Maria Rambeau’s MCU Future

Lashana Lynch as Captain Marvel in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness

The Marvels post-credits scene not only leaves fans eagerly anticipating what’s next for Lynch’s character but also poses intriguing questions about the integration of the X-Men into the MCU. With Kelsey Grammer’s return as a variation of Beast and references to Charles Xavier, speculation is rife about whether Lynch’s Binary exists in the same universe as the 20th Century Fox X-Men films.

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The future of Maria Rambeau in the MCU, especially in the context of The Multiverse Saga, remains shrouded in mystery. The Marvels has opened up the intriguing scenario of Monica Rambeau, daughter of Lynch’s Maria as she appeared in 2019’s Captain Marvel, now being brought back into contact with her mother, but a variant of her that doesn’t know who her daughter is. This new dynamic is something that may or may not be explored in detail, as with many stories to be told, the MCU sometimes doesn’t have the room to delve into all of the intricate relationships it creates.

As Marvel Studios continues to expand its cinematic universe, fans are left to wonder about the crossover between the MCU and the old X-Men universe, which has been teased across several other projects and will seemingly be a big plot point of this year’s Deadpool 3.

Whether Lynch’s Binary will appear in Deadpool’s new adventure is something that fans will have to wait and see, as among the many set leaks, teases and potential cameos, her name has not come up in relation to that movie. However, Marvel Studios are getting closer to fully integrating the X-Men into the MCU, and it seems that Lynch will be a part of that story when it arrives.

You can find all of Lashana Lynch’s Marvel variants in the MCU offerings of Disney+.

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