Wheel of Time Origin Film Announces an Unexpected Director



  • Kari Skogland, acclaimed for her work on The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, will direct the cinematic version of The Wheel of Time, titled The Age of Legends. She aims to honor the worldbuilding of the series while delving into the human stories beneath the legends.
  • The Age of Legends is set thousands of years before the events depicted in the novels and TV series, offering a fresh perspective and introducing new heroes. It promises to transform the fantasy genre in the film industry.
  • While the film is not a direct continuation of the TV series, it will resonate with it and offer fans a multi-dimensional experience. Skogland’s human-centric approach to exploring flawed heroes and villains could bring new depth to the narrative. The release date remains a mystery, heightening anticipation for a transformative fantasy cinema experience.

The acclaimed series The Wheel of Time is poised to debut its cinematic version. Kari Skogland, acclaimed for her direction in The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, takes the helm of this ambitious project. With its focus on the nascent periods of Robert Jordan and Brandon Sanderson’s universe, The Age of Legends is set to offer a captivating experience.

Per Deadline, Skogland’s appointment marks her first foray into Jordan and Sanderson’s complex world. Her recent success in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, particularly in capturing the transition of Sam Wilson into Captain America, speaks to her ability to handle narratives rich in character development and intricate world-building. The director expressed her excitement for the project, noting her commitment to “honor the worldbuilding of Jordan’s masterwork.” She aims to delve deep into the lore, unearthing the human stories beneath the legends and myths. Skogland said:

Directing The Age of Legends is a remarkable opportunity to bring a beloved universe to life and delve into the rich lore that has long-captivated the hearts of millions of book readers around the world. My vision is to honor the worldbuilding of Jordan’s masterwork, while peeling back the layers of legend and myth to reveal the flesh-and-blood characters underneath, flawed heroes and villains alike, ordinary people forced to make extraordinary choices as their world unravels.

The Age of Legends is set thousands of years prior to the events depicted in the novels and the Prime Video television adaptation. This temporal shift offers a fresh perspective and a wealth of creative opportunities. The narrative is poised to introduce new heroes, set against a backdrop that even devoted readers of the series have only glimpsed through the lens of history and prophecy.

Eva Longoria joins the project as an executive producer, adding her vast experience and unique vision to the mix. Her participation in the film underscores its lofty goals and its capacity to transform the fantasy genre in the film industry.

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The Wheel of Time Unfolds: A New Chapter Begins with The Age of Legends

The film is not a direct continuation of the television series, which stars Daniel Henney, Zoë Robins, and Madeleine Madden. It represents the trilogy’s opening chapter, aimed at uncovering the beginnings of The Wheel of Time universe. While existing independently, the film and the series are bound to resonate with each other, offering fans a multi-dimensional experience of the universe. This approach promises a rich tapestry of storytelling, capable of engaging both newcomers and long-standing fans.

In her statement, Skogland emphasized her desire to reveal the human elements of the epic saga. She seeks to explore the “flawed heroes and villains alike,” focusing on how ordinary individuals are compelled to make extraordinary decisions in the face of a crumbling world. This human-centric approach could be the key to bringing new depth to the sprawling narrative, offering a fresh take on the classic battle between light and dark.

As anticipation builds, details about the project remain tightly guarded. The anticipated release date of The Age of Legends remains under wraps, hinting at a film of such magnitude it could transform the fantasy cinema landscape. Avid followers are keenly awaiting updates, hopeful for a film adaptation that faithfully represents The Wheel of Time’s wonder and complexity, while also making its own mark in fantasy cinema.

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