Uber One drops an exclusive gingerbread kit to channel our inner Grinch


Do you want to channel your inner Grinch this holiday season? Well Uber One wants to help and how better to do that than with an exclusive kit their Uber Eats app?

Introducing the “A Very Grinchmas Kit,” which allows us to get our Grinch on and build a very Seussical gingerbread house with a twist. So what all comes in this kit and what are we building? There is,

a gingerbread version of Cindy-Lou’s pink Who-ville House to build together, delicious cookies of The Grinch and other familiar characters and a heartwarming hot cocoa recipe.

Uber One has released A Very Grinchmas Kit to build our own gingerbread house for Cindy-Lou Who

Uber One brings holiday cheer with a Grinchmas exclusive. Image courtesy Uber One

We got the opportunity to receive this kit from Uber One and it is amazing. We have yet to build it, but this kit has it all. It has an interactive experience, a recipe for a decadent hot cocoa, and even an augmented reality component.

The kit is adorable and it has everything you need and more. It is a great way to get into the holiday spirit, even if you are channeling that inner Grinch this season. And not only that, but it is $49.99, which is actually not bad for such an amazing gingerbread kit.

I love the fact that this will be delivered to your door so you don’t have to hunt it down. And that it also features separate cookies to eat while you are actually building your Who house.

There are so many gingerbread house kits on the market, but sometimes we want something different and unique. And that is what we get with this kit. We get something fun and different and that even lets us enjoy the magic of Christmas with the help of Dr. Seuss.

As someone who is from Dr. Seuss’ hometown, this kit gets me all up in my feels. And I can’t wait to actually sit down on Christmas Eve and build Cindy-Lou’s house while sipping on the perfect Whoville cup of hot cocoa.

What do you think Guilty Eaters? Are you a fan of the Grinch? Will you be snagging one of these Uber One Exclusive gingerbread kits?

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