Hasbro Celebrates Transformers’ 40th Anniversary with Ghostbusters Crossover Collectibles



  • Hasbro is preparing to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Transformers franchise in 2024, showing their commitment to commemorating this milestone with an impressive lineup of collectibles and crossovers.
  • The Transformers brand has evolved into a worldwide sensation, extending its influence across animated series, comics, and blockbuster films, capturing the hearts of millions worldwide.
  • The anniversary celebration includes various collectibles such as crossover figures with Ghostbusters, apparel, comic books, and over 40 unique Transformers anniversary figures, along with a CG-animated theatrical film and expanded TV presence. The franchise’s enduring nature promises another 40 years of captivating stories and innovative products.

Hasbro is gearing up to mark a monumental milestone in 2024: the 40th anniversary of the iconic Transformers franchise. The celebration promises an impressive lineup of collectibles, including a unique crossover with the Ghostbusters series, showcasing Hasbro’s commitment to commemorating this landmark year in grand style.

Since its 1984 debut, the Transformers brand has evolved from a cherished toy collection into a worldwide sensation, becoming a pivotal element of pop culture. Transformers’ influence spans across animated series, comics, and blockbuster films, capturing the hearts of millions worldwide. With the four-decade milestone on the horizon, Hasbro is sparing no effort to celebrate the lasting impact of the iconic robots in disguise.

Per CBR, Among the standout announcements is the introduction of crossover collectibles with Ghostbusters. Fans can look forward to the HWR Ghostbusters Ecto-1 featuring Optimus Prime G1 graphics and the HWR G1 Optimus Prime adorned with Ghostbusters Ecto-1 graphics. At $19.99 and $29.99, these dream collectibles for enthusiasts boast top-notch finishes along with intricately detailed interiors and exteriors. Set to hit the shelves this Fall, they represent a merging of two iconic universes, much to the delight of enthusiasts of both franchises.

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The anniversary celebration doesn’t stop there. Hasbro has announced a slew of other collectibles, including apparel, comic books, and over 40 unique Transformers anniversary figures. The collaboration extends to Super7’s Blind Box, ReAction, and Super Cyborg lines, as well as new Funko Transformers x Pop! figures, which are expected to release this Summer. Additionally, threezero will offer fans a limited-edition series of vintage animation-inspired Transformers figures, including Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Megatron, all redesigned with a nostalgic color scheme and decals.

Alyse D’Antuono, Hasbro’s VP of Global Franchise Strategy & Management for Action Brands, emphasized the franchise’s significant impact, stating, “Beloved since its inception in 1984, Transformers has evolved from an innovative toy line into a powerhouse franchise embraced by millions of fans around the world.” D’Antuono’s comments underscore the franchise’s ability to adapt and grow, promising another 40 years of captivating stories and innovative products.

Transformers Celebrates 40 Years with First CG-Animated Film and More TV Presence

Transformers EarthSpark

In addition to the collectibles, 2024 will see the Transformers franchise making a big splash on the big screen and television. Transformers One, the first-ever fully CG-animated theatrical film, is set to premiere on September 13, 2024, coinciding with the anniversary celebrations. Transformers: Earthspark will return for a second season, and The Masked Singer will feature a special Transformers episode this Spring, further broadening the franchise’s TV footprint.

Peter Cullen, the original voice actor for Optimus Prime, reflected on the franchise’s longevity, expressing his belief in its enduring appeal. His thoughts reflect the enduring nature of the Transformers narrative, a tale that remains relevant and continues to spark inspiration across new generations of admirers.

As Hasbro announces more updates and projects in honor of the Transformers’ 40th anniversary, the anticipation among fans is undeniable. With an array of collectibles and entertainment offerings that salute its storied legacy, the franchise is poised for a memorable year. The legacy of these beloved characters is set to be celebrated in a manner that truly reflects their monumental impact on pop culture.

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