Three new OREO flavors hit shelves in 2024


While the classic sandwich cookie is always a favorite, three new OREO flavors will make 2024 even sweeter. Set to hit shelves starting January 3, 2024, the OREO Gluten-Free Golden, OREO Peanut Butter Cakesters, and Limited-Edition OREO Black & White Cookies will have people resolving to eat more dessert to kick off the new year.

Over the past several years, the classic OREO sandwich cookie has been transformed in numerous ways. From seasonal options to adding even more “stuf” in between those crispy cookies, the iconic food brand is never afraid to try something new. Many of the concepts have flown off the shelves to everyone’s delight.

While there are options that many people wish would make their triumphant return after a limited release, the OREO brand does add items to its permanent line-up as well. Many of these offerings fill a void. Whether it is a particular lifestyle choice or a flavor trend, the reality the food company finds ways for everyone and anyone to be able to enjoy that treat.

New OREO flavor Black and White Cookie hits stores in 2024, photo provided by OREO

What can people expect from the three new OREO flavors?

The three new OREO flavors are OREO Gluten-Free Golden, OREO Peanut Butter Cakesters, and Limited-Edition OREO Black & White Cookies. Looking at the options, they are quite different.

The most exciting flavor is the OREO Peanut Butter Cakesters. A permanent addition, the combination of the slightly softer cookie with the sweet and salty flavor should be quite enjoyable. The peanut butter crème is rich yet not overpowering. While there was a Nutter Butter Cakester, this offering should be different.

new OREO Flavors Cakesters Peanut Butter

New OREO Flavors include Cakesters Peanut Butter, photo provided by OREO

Expanding the Cakesters line is smart for the brand. It will be interesting to see if the cookie brand will add even more options in the future. Could a red velvet option be coming?

The Limited-Edition OREO Black & White Cookies is an interesting choice. The classic deli cookie needs to bring that flavor, but it cannot mimic the soft texture. With the split chocolate and vanilla crème filling, it will be interesting to see the crème can be enjoyed separately and together.

Lastly, the addition of another gluten free cookie is smart for the OREO brand. Many people prefer the sweetness of the Golden OREOS. Expanding the gluten-free line ensures that more people can enjoy that dunkable, twistable, sandwich cookie.

The three new OREO flavors will start hitting retailers on January 4, 2024. Check with stores for availability and pricing.


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