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  • Season 3 of The White Lotus will begin filming in Thailand in February 2024, featuring a new cast and a mysterious death.
  • Natasha Rothwell will reprise her role as Belinda Lindsey, the spa manager, and other cast members include Jason Isaacs, Leslie Bibb, Parker Posey, and Michelle Monaghan.
  • Thai actors Dom Hetrakul and Maethi Thapthimthong have also been cast, and although their roles are unspecified, they are likely to play locals with ties to the resort.

Created by Mike White, Season 3 of The White Lotus is slated to begin filming in February 2024. The latest chapter of the dark comedy anthology will take place in Thailand, where a new crop of upscale hotel guests will convene around a mysterious death. While it’s been known for some time that actor Natasha Rothwell would reprise her role from season one, new cast announcements have been made recently.

Although the specific details about each character have yet to be revealed, the outstanding new cast featured in The White Lotus season three boasts an exciting international mixture of veteran character actors, quirky and offbeat comedians, and terrific dramatic performers. Given all that is known about the hit HBO anthology’s upcoming stay in Thailand, it’s time to meet the cast and characters set to star in The White Lotus season three.

Natasha Rothwell

Belinda Lindsey

Belinda wears a Hawaiian shirt in The White Lotus

Natasha Rothwell will reprise her role as Belinda Lindsey in The White Lotus season three. The character was introduced in season one, which took place at a lavish White Lotus hotel in Hawaii. Belinda worked as the hotel’s underappreciated spa manager, whose kindness and attention to her guests’ needs led to a touching bond with Tanya McQuoid (Jennifer Coolidge). Given Belinda’s Zenlike propensity for engaging in meditative therapy, taking her business to Thailand is perfectly fitting in season three.

Rothwell is a talented actor, voice performer, and writer who began her career writing for Upright Citizens Brigade and Saturday Night Live. No stranger to HBO as well, Rothwell wrote several episodes and starred as Kelli Prennie in Insecure opposite Issa Rae. In 2023, Rothwell starred in such popular movies as Wish and Wonka, and can also be seen in everything from Sonic the Hedgehog 2, Wonder Woman 1984, Love, Simon and Love, Victor.

Jason Isaacs

Malfoy wears a high black collar in Harry Potter
Warner Bros.

English TV actor and movie star Jason Isaacs has been cast in an unspecified role in The White Lotus season three. At 60 years old, Isaacs is the oldest cast member to be announced thus far. As such, fans can expect him to be the elderly statesman of the lot, or perhaps a father figure in a vacationing family, a la Michael Imperioli or Steve Zahn in previous seasons. More speculative yet, Isaac’s ability to play villainous roles could potentially set him up as the primary antagonist in season three.

Indeed, it’s hard to separate Isaacs from his iconic role as the Death Eater Lucius Malfoy in the landmark Harry Potter franchise, a role he played six times in nine years. With over 150 additional credits, Isaacs also played a horrible villain in The Patriot and can be seen in such popular projects as Black Hawk Down, The Death of Stalin, Star Trek: Discovery, and Archie.

Leslie Bibb

Christine wears a teal top in Iron Man 2
Paramount Pictures

American actor Leslie Bibb has also been cast in The White Lotus season three in an unknown role. Considering her background as a native North Dakotan who was raised in Virginia, it’s no stretch to assume Bibb will portray an American tourist visiting the lavish White Lotus resort in Thailand. The magnetic 49-year-old actress also brings a wealth of comedic and dramatic experience to the table, which is where the tone of the show often stays.

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Perhaps best known for her work as Christine Everhart in the first two Iron Man movies, Bibb has also starred in everything from Crossing Jordan and Jupiter’s Legacy to Tag, The Babysitter, What If?, American Housewife, and more. In addition to The White Lotus season three, Bibb is poised to appear next in Clint Eastwood’s Juror #2 and the star-studded miniseries Palm Royale.

Parker Posey

Freda takes the stand in The Staircase

American actor Parker Posey is sure to give a standout turn in The White Lotus season three. The queen of quirky ’90s indie movies has become known for her masterful improvisational skills, which may be featured in some capacity in the upcoming season. Given their career paths and history of making off-beat indies full of weirdness and whimsy, White and Posey are an ideal creative match, and it’s somewhat surprising they’ve never worked together before. With her American background, it’s also likely that Posey will play a tourist vacationing abroad in Thailand.

After breaking out in the mid-90s with Party Girl, Posey gave memorable turns in such movies as Dazed and Confused, Waiting for Guffman, Best in Show, and more. Most recently, Posey starred in The Staircase for HBO and appeared in Ari Aster’s polarizing horror-comedy Beau if Afraid. If ever there was a match made in White Lotus heaven, it’s White and Parker working together for the first time.

Dom Hetrakul

Aran aims a gun in Bangkok Dangerous

Thai actor Dom Hetrakul has been cast in The White Lotus season three. Although details about his role have been kept under wraps at the time of this write-up, Hetrakul will almost certainly play a Thai national and local who has ties to the titular White Lotus hotel in Koh Samui, Bangkok, and Phuket where the show is being filmed. It’s also quite feasible that Hetrakul will play an employee of some kind at the luxury resort.

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Hetrakul began his career in 1998 and made several feature films before transitioning to television in 2013. Hetrakul’s most famous movies include Bangkok Dangerous, The Marine 2, Bangkok Revenge, and The Outrage. Regarding his TV credits, Hetrakul is best known for such diverse TV shows as The Family, The Sky Without the Sun, It Happens on Valentine’s Day, and Are We Alright?

Michelle Monaghan

Harmony talks on a cell phone in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang
Warner Bros.

American actor and movie star Michelle Monaghan has also been cast in an unspecified role for The White Lotus season three. The 47-year-old Iowa native is bound to play another American tourist on vacation in Thailand, where a series of sordid individuals cross paths in a magnificent luxury hotel. Left only to speculate at this time, Monaghan could be traveling alone or with others. Monaghan is also the same age as Hetrakul, perhaps indicating that they’re an international couple. Of course, her character could also be romantically involved with the characters played by Isaacs, Posey, Bibb, and/or Rothwell.

Monaghan is a versatile talent who excels at comedy and drama in both leading and supporting roles. Her most prominent work includes Gone Baby Gone, Kiss Kiss Bang Bang, the Mission: Impossible franchise, and True Detective. While she has spent most of her career on the big screen, Monaghan’s other TV credits include the Hulu original series The Path, Messiah, and Echoes.

Maethis “Tayme” Thapthimthong

Abbot hold a phone to his ear in Thai Cave Rescue

Thai actor Maethi “Tayme” Thapthimthong has also been announced to play a role in The White Lotus season three. Although his role has not been specified, the relative newcomer is bound to play a Thai local with ties to the titular resort. Whether he works for The White Lotus or has tangential affiliations with its guests is yet to be seen. However, given the physical nature of Thapthimthong’s previous performances, chances are he will have an action-packed role of some kind when the show returns in 2025.

With eight previous acting credits before joining The White Lotus Season 3, Thapthimthong has starred in such movies as Skin Trade, Mechanic: Resurrection, Paradox, and The White Storm 2: Drug Lords. Additional TV credits include Farang, Hooked, Backstrom, and the Netflix original series Thai Cave Rescue. Despite the minimal cast details regarding the six actors cast thus far in The White Lotus season three, it’s clear that Mike White is continuing in the show’s tradition of casting supremely talented international actors who are adept at playing comedy and drama in equal measure. Stay tuned for more character details about The White Lotus season three when they’re divulged in the future. Stream The White Lotus‘s previous seasons on Max.

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