The Buccaneers: Every Main Character’s Season 1 Ending, Ranked


The Buccaneers is an adaptation of Edith Wharton’s novel of the same name. The Apple TV+ drama follows the novel’s storyline of five American girls joining England’s marriage market in the 1800s. Love is at stake as the five young women become enamored with what love really means, and in what ways it is meant to be fought for. The show’s main character, Nan, is ultimately placed in one of the biggest roles. She ends up in a love triangle between the Duke, Theo, and a man of no wealth, Guy. Unknowingly to Nan initially, Theo and Guy are best friends, and Nan must quickly figure out her feelings for each.



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But Nan is not the only one with love on the brain. Theo, who initially shows no interest at all in getting married, finds himself willing to propose to Nan, as she is an outspoken and extroverted girl in comparison to the quiet and subdued English women he constantly meets. Meanwhile, Conchita is desperate to rekindle her romantic and sexual spark with her husband Richard after being in England for nine months with his family, ultimately making her saddened by their impact on his behavior. With season one ending on a massive cliffhanger, who had the worst ending, and who had the best?

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10 James

James Marabel is abusive, problematic, and creepy from the moment he becomes involved in the plot. He is not a man searching for a partner. He is looking for someone to boss and abuse to his own satisfaction. Even though he is Richard and Honoria’s brother, his drastically different personality type makes him distant from either of his siblings.

James Gets Ditched

Granted, this was one of the most satisfying moments in the entire first season. After episodes of watching James be cruel to Lizzy and manipulative and vindictive to Jinny, seeing James realize that his pregnant wife has left him is a massively celebratory moment. While James has not gotten all he deserves quite yet, it is still a very well-earned moment. Still, while this is one of the best endings as far as what a character deserves to get, the only thing missing from it is someone directly putting James in his place and forcing him to recognize his own wrongful and horrific behavior. James has still not been directly held accountable for his actions, and that needs to change.

9 Lizzy

Lizzy joins her friends on a trip to England to participate in the marriage market. While standing beside Jinny, there is initially a sense of competition set between the two girls to attract the attention of men. But, Lizzy faces discomfort and shame after a private meeting with James. Lizzy eventually returns to England after a short-lived trip back to New York.

Lizzy Doesn’t Have a Real Conclusion

Considering it was the season one finale, it is not as if The Buccaneers needed to create a concrete cliffhanger or specific ending for all of its characters. But, most of them are involved in something or someone. In Lizzy’s case, she is mostly alone. She has no huge romantic declaration or anyone to escape from. Lizzy’s conclusion does not amount to much of anything, and it leaves the character coming across as being drastically left out of the overall main storyline. Although she will inevitably be more included in season two, where she leaves off in season one, it is not a thrilling plot thread.

8 Honoria

The Buccaneers Josie Totah as Mabel and Mia Threapleton as Honoria bond
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Honoria is Richard and James’ younger sister and ends up being involved in many love affairs when she falls for Mabel. Unfortunately, there is not as much to Honoria when she is separated from Mabel, even though the show tries. She is offered a conversation about the intrigue of being outspoken, but The Buccaneers never leans into the sibling relationship she would have with either of her brothers.

Honoria’s Ending Is Nice but Predictable

Considering Honoria’s relationships with her parents and brothers are never specified or put under the spotlight, it is unclear to what extent anything between them would feel personal. Honoria’s biggest moment in the finale suggests that Mabel has committed herself to Honoria. But, will anyone ever find out? While such a plot line is bigger for Mabel, Honoria feeling so disconnected from her family makes it feel like anything Honoria does that goes outside of her parents’ view of acceptable would not be tolerated, no matter what it was. While it was enjoyable to see Honoria happy after the back-and-forth she faced with Mabel, this ending does not suggest much beyond what the show gives the audience.

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7 Theo

Theo is initially introduced as someone who cannot escape conversations of marriage fast enough. He was always more than willing to run away from talk about potential suitors. But, when he meets Nan, an outspoken, extroverted American woman uninterested in keeping her thoughts to herself, Theo’s perspective changes.

Does Theo Really Marry The Love Of His Life?

Ultimately, Theo’s ending would be the happiest of all if Nan was actually in love with him. As it stands, his ending is actually fairly sad. However, given how much of season two’s potential narrative it sets up, Theo’s conclusion actually gives a lot of substance to what may come next. Theo is clearly uncertain about how much Nan really loves him, as they are about to be married. But, when Nan appears for the ceremony and is ready to commit herself to him, it appears that all is well, or will at least work out eventually. Except, how much does Theo really know about Nan’s reasons for marrying him? If he is unaware, eventually, the truth will come out somehow.

Still, it gives Theo a lot to consider when it comes to his marriage. If Theo is secretly aware of Nan’s reasons, it could either create an intriguing friendship between Nan and Theo or allow him to explore a different set of emotions. If Theo is not aware, it could set up exciting tensions between Theo and Nan as they try to work out how to be married with such a massive revelation hanging over their heads when Theo eventually discovers the truth.

6 Guy

Guy had been taken with Nan from the moment they met in New York. He is Theo’s best friend and someone with severe financial troubles. He can not offer anyone economic stability, and being with Guy ultimately means not caring about his social standing, even if he is the Duke’s best friend.

Guy Makes a Romantic Sacrifice

Finally, Nan makes her decision and feelings known when she admits to being in love with Guy and prefers to run with him than marry Theo. However, Guy’s plan to run with Nan and explore the world is put on hold when Guy must step up and accept that Nan’s love for her sister is the more important thing. Rather than be angry or throw a fit, Guy helps Nan’s plan to help Jinny escape her abusive marriage. Guy sacrifices a future with Nan as she goes off to marry Theo, to help in her desire to protect her sister at all costs. Guy and Jinny’s escape is not without all three parties knowing where their hearts lie.

5 Mabel

Unlike her friends, Mabel’s love story is not celebrated in large and crowded dance halls. Instead, Mabel falls for Honoria in quiet corners and hidden moments. Mabel spends most of the first season avoiding telling her friends the truth about who she is and what she wants. But, Mabel can not hide from what she wants forever.

Mabel Chooses to be Happy

Although being married to Miles could have guaranteed Mabel financial stability and a place in England, she ultimately could not lie to herself forever. Their agreement was great at first, with Mabel believing they would be married in name only and then go off to do whatever they wanted separately while having an amicable platonic relationship. But, when Miles mentions having kids, that is when it becomes a little too real for Mabel, and not in a way she enjoys. Mabel ultimately calls off her engagement to Miles and comes out to Lizzy. Continuing her journey of self-love and self-acceptance, Mabel decides to make the best of her circumstances with Honoria. While they unfortunately can not be out in the open, they want to be together, and Mabel’s choice to pursue that is a good step forward.

4 Jinny

Jinny is the first to fall in love with the idea of marriage. But, having not thought through the type of man she wanted to marry, and instead, just hoping someone would find her desirable becomes a massive problem when she marries James.

Jinny Escapes a Toxic Marriage

It took all season, but Jinny recognized and accepted that James was not a good man, and certainly one of the most toxic representations of a romantic candidate. However, the only reason this conclusion does not rank higher is that Jinny did not come up with the escape plan herself. Jinny’s escape may be the most important moment in the first season. She gets away from a dangerous man with the full help and support of her friends. However, The Buccaneers never actually shows the rest of Jinny’s friends understanding the truth about how James treated Jinny or Lizzy. Instead, Nan and Guy understand that James is a dangerous man, and Conchita and Mabel trust Nan when she says they need to get Jinny out of there.

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3 Richard

The Buccaneers Alisha Boe as Conchita and Josh Dylan as Richard talk with Richard's parents
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Richard bounced back and forth all season long between being a good husband and a problematic man. He loved Conchita, but could never truly stand up for her against his family. Richard wanted to be the man he was in New York, but could never actually do it when duty swarmed him.

Richard Chooses Conchita

After spending all season wondering if Conchita and Richard would eventually call it quits for good given their vastly different backgrounds, ultimately, Richard has had enough of Conchita not feeling at home with his family. He refuses to stand for it anymore and makes it clear to his parents that he loves Conchita, and that their behavior is entirely inappropriate. Willing to cut off his family entirely and start a brand-new life with Conchita without the constraints of their family fortune, Richard finally shows the man that Conchita had been fighting all season for. While one cliffhanger of whether Richard’s duty to his social standing could cause more strife between the married couple does present itself at the conclusion of the season, it is still immensely important to see Richard finally grow a backbone and choose his wife.

2 Conchita

Conchita goes from an excited bride to a tired and frustrated pregnant wife in the months Conchita spends in England without her friends. But, once they arrive, Conchita’s personality shows itself again, and she steps forward as the enthusiastic, outspoken, and extroverted woman she is, who also desperately wants to reconnect her spark with her husband.

Conchita Is Finally Valued

Conchita’s marriage with Richard was never a particularly positive one. They have their high moments that are almost immediately met with low ones. They can never seem to be on the same page for long periods of time, and it feels like an amicable separation may be what is in the cards for them if they can not get away from Richard’s family. When Richard stands up for Conchita and their life together, it finally allows Conchita to be valued as a person and as Richard’s partner. She no longer feels pushed aside, but someone with a clearly integral role. To see Conchita so hopeful is such a massive change from where she started when she reunited with her friends. While season two may give her an unexpected plot twist, as of the conclusion of season one, she is happily with her husband and supporting her closest friends.

1 Nan

As the show’s protagonist, more is happening to Nan than most. She clearly has no interest in marriage, which, of course, leads her to be the center of a love triangle. She discovers that her father’s affair resulted in her birth and that she is not her mother’s biological daughter. Nan is unafraid to be herself and is outspoken when challenged.

Nan’s Decisions Set the Biggest Cliffhangers for Season Two

Nan’s love for her sister Jinny is more important than her feelings for any man. So, as much as Nan recognizes that she is in love with Guy, she also understands that the best way to protect Jinny is to marry Theo. Although Nan is not in love with Theo, marrying him gives Nan the power to protect her sister, which is the most important thing about their marriage at the time that Nan and Theo’s wedding occurs. Nan is the mind behind Jinny’s escape with Guy. Giving up her chance at happiness with Guy, Nan chooses to give her sister the best shot at safety that she can, which means saying goodbye, at least temporarily, to them both. Nan’s sacrifice sets the scene for what is to happen next. It did not hurt that Nan was unaware that her secretly alive biological mother was on the grounds as well.

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