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  • “The Brothers Sun” is a popular comedic-action series on Netflix that follows two estranged brothers from different backgrounds.
  • The show features an impressive cast, including Michelle Yeoh and Justin Chien, who deliver outstanding performances.
  • The series combines martial arts, gangster drama, and heartfelt family moments to create an entertaining and engaging storyline.

Created by Byron Wu and Brad Falchuk, The Brothers Sun premiered on Netflix in early January 2024 and instantly shot to the top of the platform’s most-watched TV shows. The comedic-action series follows Bruce and Charles Sun, two estranged brothers from different backgrounds. Bruce is an innocent teenager raised in California. At the same time, his older brother Charles is a professional gangster who grew up in Taipei and trained under the tutelage of their father, Big Sun.

When Charles visits Bruce and their mother Ellen in California, Bruce learns about his family’s secret past and is pressed to figure out who is behind the assassination attempt on Big Sun. Equal parts martial arts bonanza, gangster drama, a fish-out-of-water story, and a heartfelt family drama, The Brothers Sun stars a terrific cast of actors that many fans will recognize from a slew of other popular movie and TV projects.

The Brothers Sun Netflix poster
The Brothers Sun

Release Date
January 4, 2024

Brad Falchuk, Amy Wang, Byron Wu
Michelle Yeoh , Justin Chien , Sam Song Li , Joon Lee , Highdee Kuan , Alice Hewkin


Michelle Yeoh as Eileen “Mama” Sun

Mama wears nurse scrubs in the kitchen in The Brothers Sun

The incomparable Michelle Yeoh stars as Eileen “Mama” Sun in the show. Eileen is a professional nurse and lives in Los Angeles with her teenage son, Bruce, whom she attempts to keep safe by concealing her sordid past. Such a past includes ranking as the mastermind of the Jade Dragon, an organization in the Tawainese Triad. When Big Sun is nearly assassinated and Eileen’s eldest son, Charles, arrives from Taipei, Eileen does her best to keep Bruce out of danger as her past and present collide.

Fresh off her Oscar-winning performance in Everything Everywhere All At Once, Michelle Yeoh is a terrific actor who has spent 40 years in the movie business and has given some of the most physically impressive action performances on record. While Yeoh is best known for the movie Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon, her legendary screen work includes Super Cop and The Heroic Trio series. Most recently, Yeoh starred in Crazy Rich Asians, Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, Star Trek: Discovery, and more.

Justin Chien as Charles Sun

Charles stands in the kitchen in The Brothers Sun

Justin Chien plays Charles Sun. Charles is the eldest son of Mama and Big Sun and was raised in Taipei. Charles trained to become a member of the Triad under his father, which has led to his icy demeanor and martial arts expertise. However, below his stoic facade, Charles is a baker at heart with an insatiable sweet tooth. When he arrives in Los Angeles to find his father’s attempted killer, Charles becomes closer to his estranged brother Bruce and reconnects with his mother.

Chien launched his acting career in 2015 and, despite giving one of the best performances in The Brothers Sun, has relatively little experience. Fans may recall seeing Chien in the movie Sun Moon and the TV show Two Sides: Unfaithful. Beyond those credits, Chien has mainly appeared in several short films. In 2018, Chien wrote, directed, and produced the short film Continuum. Following his outstanding turn in The Brothers Sun, Chien is bound to appear in a lot more projects.

Sam Song Li as Bruce Sun

Bruce talks on his cell phone in The Brothers Sun

Sam Song Li portrays Bruce Sun on the outstanding martial arts TV show. Bruce is the eldest Sun brother born in Taiwan but raised in California away from his family’s criminal past. Bruce also aspires to be an improv comedian at The Groundlings. When a hit is put on Big Sun and Charles arrives from Taipei, Bruce’s innocent life as a teenager is dramatically upended, which causes awkward hilarity as the series unfolds. Yet, despite his naivety and aversion to violence, Bruce’s intelligence becomes a useful resource for the family. Bruce and Charles also grow closer as the action intensifies.

Song Li starred in several short films to kick off his career, finally landing his big breakout role in the 2018 miniseries The Offer. While The Brothers Sun represents his most substantial character arc to date, fans can also see Song Li briefly in Better Call Saul, Never Have I Ever, Home Economics, Take the Night, and Women Is Losers. Song Li will also star in the upcoming short film Marvin is Sorry.

Johnny Kou as Big Sun

Big Sun wears a green suit in The Brothers Sun

Jonny Kou plays Big Sun in the show. Big Sun is the patriarch of the Sun family and ranks as a mighty member of the Taiwanese triad. Big Sun is an inciting character who launches the plot when an assassin under the alias Sleepy Chan puts a hit on him when the series begins. Largely confined to a hospital bed while he recovers from the assassination attempt, Kou looms large in the story without appearing very often.

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Despite his limited appearance in the new Netflix series, Kou brings plenty of movie and TV credits to The Brothers Sun. Kou’s small screen credits include Bitter Sweet, Love Story in Shanghai, and The Penalty Zone, while his standout cinematic credits include The Crossing, Fighting Men of China, Road to the Sky, The Wonderful Wedding, The Blossom of Roses, and more.

Joon Lee as TK Lee

TK is interrogated in The Brothers Sun

Joon Lee plays TK Lee in the stellar Netflix original series. TK is a Korean-American teenager and Bruce’s best friend who loves to get high, play video games, and sell drugs. Much like Bruce, TK gets in over his head when Charles arrives and drags the family into a dangerous situation. Often the butt of the joke, TK serves as comic relief in the show as he tries and fails to prove his worth to Charles and Mama while searching for Big Sun’s assassin.

The Brothers Sun marks Lee’s first TV appearance. Before starring as TK on the show, Lee appeared in three short films, including How to Be an Instagram Boyfriend, To All the Kevins, and Neh. For those who’ve seen The Brothers Sun and witnessed how natural, funny, and entertaining Lee is on the show, it may be a bit surprising that he’s so new to television. Fans can expect to see Lee star as Geno in the upcoming short, Geno! You Good?

Highdee Kuan as Alexis Kong

Highdee Kuan portrays Alexis Kong in The Brothers Sun. Alexis is the former childhood friend of Charles Sun who grew up with him in Taipei. Alexis now lives in Los Angeles and is a Deputy District Attorney for the city. When she and Charles reunite, they slowly spark a romance that compromises Alexis’ ability to do her job at times. As Alexis helps Charles with the case involving his father’s assassination attempt, Charles helps Alexis become more comfortable living alone in her apartment.

After making her TV debut in a 2017 episode of the all-time great soap opera The Young and the Restless, Kuan has steadily increased her profile. In addition to appearing in single episodes of This is Us, Vida, Quantum Leap, and You, Kuan can be seen in such movies as Welcome to Redville, Fear the Night, and Proximity. Kuan has also been a mainstay on the podcast series Birds of Empire.

John Xue Zhang as Blood Boots

Blood Boots uses the phone by his car in The Brothers Sun

John Xue Zhang plays Blood Boots in The Brothers Sun. Blood Boots is a member of the Jade Dragons who arrives in Los Angeles from Taipei to help find Big Sun’s assassin and protect Eileen. Despite his red shoes, hilariously ominous moniker, and hulking frame, Blood Boots is incredibly kind, cheerful, and pleasant, and goes out of his way to teach Bruce the tricks of the trade, including partying hard before a big Triad event.

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Zhang is a talented actor and stunt performer who brings a wealth of movie and TV experience to the show, including such prominent credits as Eternals, Doctor Strange, 47 Ronin, Hobbs & Shaw, and more. Most recently, Xue Zhang starred in such international movies as Ganapath, Mia and the Dragon Princess, Renegades, and Exiled: The Chosen One.

Alice Hewkin as May & June Song

June holds a blade in The Brothers Sun

Alice Hewkin plays twin sisters, May and June Song in The Brothers Sun. The sisters are high-ranking members of the Taiwanese triad controlling Los Angeles. When one of the sisters is killed in a raid early on, the surviving sister eventually allies with the Sun Brothers to bring down the culprit. Both May and June prove that in the dangerous, high-stakes world of gangsters, no one is to be trusted.

Hewkin is a fast-rising actor who has remained a stalwart in European television since her career commenced. She has appeared in everything from the Netflix period drama The Crown and Sex Education to Doctor Who and Emily in Paris, proving an immense range each time out. Fans can also see Hewkin in The Athena, Rye Lane, Miss Scarlet & the Duke, and The Bastard Son & the Devil Himself.

Madison Hu as Grace

Grace smiles in class in The Brothers Sun

Madison Hu plays Grace in The Brothers Sun. Grace is a quirky, charming, and awkward classmate of Bruce who approaches him at school and instantly takes a shine to him. Bruce wants nothing more than to avoid his family’s criminal past and Grace often provides an outlet for him to do so. Alas, Grace also has ulterior motives that she hides up her sleeve that have dire consequences for both parties as the series unfolds.

Hu is a talented actor and singer who began her career as a child actor for The Disney Channel. While perhaps best known for playing Frankie Wong in Disney’s Bizaardvark, Hu has appeared in such diverse projects as The Voyagers, The Boogeyman, Night Shift, Grace and Frankie, and more. Hu can also be seen in multiple Olivia Rodrigo music videos.

Jenny Yang as Xing

Xing and Bruce stand together in The Brothers Sun

Jenny Yang plays Xing in The Brothers Sun. Xing is a mirthless and ruthless member of the Jade Dragon organization who travels from Taipei to L.A. to help the family find Big Sun’s attempted killer Sleepy Chan. Xing works in lockstep with Blood Boots and their disparate personalities lead to a hilarious odd-couple dynamic. Worse yet, when Xing is forced to babysit Bruce, she couldn’t be less thrilled.

Yang is an accomplished actor and writer who understands how to land a joke with deadpan comedic timing. Yang has written for Busy Tonight, the Tim Allen sitcom Last Man Standing, and the HBO original comedy series Gordita Chronicles. Yang has also appeared in such TV shows as Nuclear Family, Misery Loves Company, Enemies of Dorothy, The Great North, and more.

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