Terrifier 3’s Damien Leone and Lauren LaVera Reveal Filming Start Date and More Sequel Details



  • Filming for Terrifier 3 is expected to begin in February 2024 with a pre-determined plot and structure.
  • The sequel will continue the asylum scene from Terrifier 2, featuring Chris Jericho, and explore the mayhem that unfolds there.
  • Creator Damien Leone hopes to expand the Terrifier franchise beyond movies with a live horror house and video game experience.

As Terrifier’s mute, sadistic killer Art the Clown prepares to bring his disturbing, if darkly comic, brand of horror to a Christmas setting in 2024, creator Damien Leone and star Lauren LaVera have been teasing details about the next horrifying installment.

During an interview with Deadline, Leone revealed that filming on Terrifier 3 is expected to begin in February 2024, and noted that the story line has been set for some time. He said:

“The overall plot and structure of this franchise was pretty much cemented when I wrote Part 2, which is very comforting because it’s kind of scary to be lost in the woods, and be scrambling, and trying to figure out if there is a satisfying conclusion down the line and I feel like I do have one.”

Leone went on to tease the return of Chris Jericho in the sequel following his appearance in the asylum in the final moments of Terrifier 2. Similar to how the first two movies picked up directly from each other, Terrifier 3 will conclude the asylum scene, and will see “what mayhem unfolds” there.

For star Laura LaVera, who became an instantly iconic ‘Final Girl’ as Sienna, it has all been a pleasant surprise to be accepted into the category of ‘Scream Queen.’ She said:

“Even being called a ‘Final Girl’ is such an honor to me, but Scream Queen is something I never thought I would attain. Damien had so much faith in and understanding of this character. It has been overwhelming, but in the best way.”

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The Terrifier Franchise Could Expand Beyond the Movies

David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown, carrying a spiked club with forks, knives, and nails in it, with blood all over his clown costume in Terrifier.
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Even with the movie heading into production, and more movies possibly in the pipeline, fans could be getting some all-new Art experiences in the future. Leone has shared his hopes to bring his sinister character to a live horror house and his own video game in the not too distant future.

The Terrifier franchise has been one of the biggest surprises of the last decade. Having originally released a sequel in 2022, the rise of Art the Clown became the stuff of horror legend, leading to re-releases of the movie in theaters, a bigger budget third movie heading into production and an endless potential for expansion. While discussing Terrifier 2’s re-release with Screen Rant, Leone revealed that there have “already been talks” about bringing the horror of Art the Clown to both a haunted house experience and a video game format. He said:

“Oh, I would love it, and that’s a dream. I would love to have a house in Halloween Horror Nights. There’s already been talks of it over the years, so hopefully that becomes a reality because, like you said, there’s just so many cool environments, and now we’re adding all these cool characters besides Art the Clown, these other creepy characters that you could really put in there, it could be a really cool experience. Also, I would love a video game. He would lend himself so well to a video game like that, you could be trapped in the warehouse surviving from the original Terrifier or you could be in the Terrifier haunted attraction from the end of Terrifier 2, it could be so much fun. It would be cool to be Sienna, too, I think to be this hero fighting Art the Clown decked out in this armor, it’d be cool for the victim and the villain, it would be a great game, and there’s interest there too, so hopefully those happen in the near future.”

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Does Terrifier Go Too Far With its Violence?

David Howard Thornton as Art the Clown covered in blood with blood all over the walls in Terrifier 2

Art the Clown is a character that has been around for the same length of time as the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but could not be further removed from the world’s biggest franchise in every way possible. Making his debut in 2008 short, The 9th Circle. Aiming to be one of the most evil clowns of a generation, Art subsequently appeared in the anthology movie All Hallow’s Eve in 2013, led his own movie in 2016’s Terrifier and then really took things to a new level in 2022’s Terrifier 2. Having murdered children, tortured women, and been linked to some of the most stomach-churning scenes in the last several decades, there are some who would question whether the franchise has pushed things a little too far.

Terrifier 2 poster
Terrifier 2

Release Date
October 6, 2022
Felissa Rose , David Howard Thornton , Samantha Scaffidi , Griffin Santopietro , Tamara Glynn , Lauren LaVera

138 min

But that is where the Terrifier movies stand apart from many big budget studios offerings in the horror genre. An independent movie does not have quite the same level of restrictions to deal with, and for that reason alone, the Terrifier movies have been able to go places that even some of the greatest horror movies have never been able to go to the same extreme level.

This is something that has been proven when Leone revealed that he had spoken with some “legit Hollywood Studios” about making Terrifier 3. Despite the studios desperately wanting a piece of the action, Leone revealed that they all turned it down due to the ultra-violent opening of the film, which it has been hinted involves the killing of a child on Christmas Eve. Leone explained previously:

“Before I even had a script, just based on the success of part 2, and just having meetings and getting the feel that I was going to have eyes over my shoulders, and they were concerned about the levels of gore and this and that. I knew, and not having seen my script or have any idea what I had in mind, I knew they weren’t going to let me make this movie based on the first five pages. Like that’s how insane Terrifier 3 is. So mark my words, I guarantee you the first 5 minutes of this movie is going to be very controversial. But that’s not even the big kill scene. So like that’s why I was like, I need to just make this movie on my own, because it’s just too… it’s too insane.”

Terrifier 3 is set to be released on October 25, 2024. You can check out the first teaser for the movie below.

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