Soup straight from the can – Progresso Soup offers its hot take


Recently, a social media food debate had people taking sides. Is it permissible eat soup straight from the can or should that pantry staple be served piping hot? Progresso soup offers its take on the food controversy.

For many people, a bowl of soup is a warm, comforting meal. Whether it is a meal to ward off the chill or a spoonful of sustenance to make that sick feeling better, many people turn to soup as the cure all. Since grandma might not be down the street ready to whip up a pot at a moment’s notice, canned soup is often people’s go-to option.

Progresso soup has been a popular choice in many households. From the classic chicken noodle to a bold, spicy option to even a Progresso Rich & Hearty Chicken & Homestyle Noodles, there are plenty of choices to enjoy.

Since social media continues to get people to react, the recent debate of one person eating soup straight from the can had people wondering, not just why, but if it is a good idea. As many people have learned, getting food advice from TikTok is not always based in fact or good choices. Who doesn’t remember that unfortunate pink condiment scenario.

Progresso Soups Hearty Chicken Homestyle Noodles, photo provided by Progresso Soups

Luckily, a real food authority weighed in on the cold soup food debate. Shannon Heine, Brand Experience Manager for Progresso said, “Our soups provide high-quality meals without the extra prep work or cooking time needed, so we can definitely get behind this extreme hot take – even if it means no kitchen time required. We’re happy to settle the debate! Our soups can be consumed cold but whatever temperature you prefer, we agree with Alix that soup is elite – maybe even the new “It Girl” of the pantry?”

For those people who want to eat soup room temperature, they can grab a can of Progresso soup and go to town. Others who prefer to eat it warm have that option, too. That hot take isn’t a huge revelation, it’s been around for a long, long time.


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