Reacher Season 2 Reviews Praise the Bigger, Badder Action & Lead Alan Ritchson



  • Reacher season 2 delivers exactly what fans want: charismatic lead, intriguing story, and engaging action sequences.
  • The second season is brawnier, funnier, and more entertaining than the first, leading to a greenlight for season 3.
  • The show is praised for being unpretentious, well-paced, and perfect for Friday night popcorn TV, with memorable one-liners and satisfying revenge.

The first reviews for the highly anticipated sophomore season of Prime Video’s Reacher are now, and it sounds like the show continues to deliver exactly what fans of Lee Child’s behemoth hero are looking for. The second season of Reacher, which is based on the book Bad Luck and Trouble, has now landed, and things are even bigger and more action-packed than they were the first time around.

Beginning with Diego Peralta of Discussing Film, Reacher season two continues to boast a “charismatic” lead in Alan Ritchson, with the story unfolding in increasingly intriguing ways.

“With a charismatic performance from Alan Ritchson and a story that slowly unfolds itself while knowing how to retain the audience’s attention, Reacher Season 2 continues to prove why Lee Child’s work translates so well into television. The Jack Reacher book series is still in good hands at Amazon Prime Video, with an admirable collection of guest stars and engaging action sequences to boast about in these latest episodes. Jack Reacher is back, and nothing will stop him from getting what he wants.”

Graeme Virtue of The Guardian awards Reacher a score of 4/5, finding much to enjoy in the corny fun of the second series.

“Practically every episode ends with Ritchson delivering a stone-cold one-liner about the vengeance he is about to unleash. It will be left echoing round the audience’s head until the next episode. A little corny, sure, but big fun.”

Another 4/5 comes courtesy of Empire’s Amon Warmann who, based on the quality of season two, is not surprised a third season has already been given the greenlight.

“A brawnier, funnier, and more potently entertaining season than its inaugural outing. No wonder Season 3 has already been greenlit.”

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The First 3 Episodes of Reacher Season 2 Are Now on Prime Video

Screen Rant’s Ana Dumataog found Reacher season two to be an improvement on its predecessor, keeping audiences more engaged by investing much more in the central case, as well as adding a formidable villain.

“As for the central case, the series does a great job getting us invested. While its predecessor juggled multiple mysteries from Jack’s past and his present, Reacher’s sophomore outing streamlines the story by focusing on his current situation, albeit not in a boring way. Robert Patrick’s Shane Langston is Reacher season 2’s primary villain, and he personifies the stereotypical wealthy nefarious character, exuding power even though he isn’t physically capable of going up against Jack.”

IGN’s Luke Reilly calls Reacher season two “perfect” popcorn television that is prime for a Friday night.

“An unpretentious and well-paced mix of investigation and extrajudicial retaliation, Reacher season 2 is purpose-built Friday night TV. That is, perfect for pounding popcorn while Reacher pounds away onscreen – mostly into the faces and fleshy bits of scattered salvoes of assorted scumbags.”

Finally, Collider’s Nate Richard awards Reacher season two a near-perfect 9/10, declaring that the show is “not even a guilty pleasure; it’s just good television.”

“It’s not even a guilty pleasure; it’s just good television. Who cares if it doesn’t win any Emmys? Not many other shows on streaming feature Alan Ritchson punching a guy through a car window while barely breaking a sweat. For the many who have been anxiously awaiting the arrival of Reacher Season 2, fear not, because the series’ return more than delivers.”

Reacher season two picks up with the titular character who, after members of his old military unit start turning up dead, has just one thing on his mind: revenge.

The first three episodes of Reacher season two are now available to stream on Prime Video.

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