Reacher Star Alan Ritchson Once Stopped a Carjacker: ‘I Was Like, Instant Reacher Mode’



  • Reacher star Alan Ritchson reveals he once leapt into “instant Reacher mode” and chased down a car thief.
  • Ritchson’s wife was mad at him for putting himself in danger and making them late for their dinner date.
  • Despite the real-life “dangerous situation,” Ritchson’s strict sense of justice mirrors his character’s in the Reacher series.

It turns out that Reacher star Alan Ritchson has a lot more in common with Jack Reacher than just his monstrous size. In a recent interview with Etalk, the actor provided details of a “dangerous situation” that he has faced in real life, revealing that he once leapt into “instant Reacher mode” after seeing someone breaking into a car.

“Dangerous situations? Yeah, you’d get a very different dude. My wife is here. She’s right behind the camera. She’s got cue cards for me, so I know what to say. I saw somebody—we were on a date in Montreal, walking to a very nice dinner, all dressed up, and we saw somebody breaking into a car. She put it together before I did because it was just hanging out with glass everywhere, like, [going] through somebody’s stuff.

She goes, “I think he’s breaking into that car,” and I was like, ‘By gosh, I think you’re right’. And she goes: ‘Don’t do it.’ And I was like—instant Reacher mode. Some justice has to be done here and I chased that dude like four blocks until I tossed them into a building and the cops came. She was very very mad at me for not just taking her on our date. You know, we got there eventually. You don’t want to see that.”

No doubt the sight of Ritchson charging towards you would be a terrifying one, with the “dude” in question surely questioning his sanity after being apprehended by Jack Reacher himself. The actor clearly has the same strict sense of justice that the character does (at least, to some extent) though he is quick to point out that his wife was a little unhappy that he put himself in danger (and making them late for their date).

But, hey, it’s all just another day at the office for Reacher.

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Reacher Has Been Renewed for a Third Season

Reacher season 2 poster

Nick Santora
Alan Ritchson , Maria Sten , Malcolm Goodwin , Willa Fitzgerald


Beginning back in 2022, the first season of Reacher introduces Alan Ritchson as the title character, a former U.S. Army Military Police Major now living as a nomad, who is dragged into a conspiracy when he is arrested for murder. The first part of the second season dropped on Prime Video at the end of last year, and picks up with the character who, after members of his old military unit start turning up dead, has just one thing on his mind: revenge.

Both seasons have been met with much critical acclaim, with Reacher being named the number one series on Amazon Prime Video for 2023. The second season of Reacher has been a huge hit with audiences, surpassing “the entire Season 1 audience by 50% in the first three days on the streamer,” and becoming the #1 title of the year on Prime Video “in terms of total viewers across all series and films globally.”

Reacher has been renewed for a third season, with Ritchson revealing that audiences will “get to enjoy Reacher in a new world.”

The first two seasons of Reacher are available to stream on Prime Video. Check out the trailer for Reacher season two below.

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