Jon Bernthall “Hated” What Was Being Done With Daredevil; Originally Turned Down Punisher Return



  • Jon Bernthal originally turned down the chance to return as The Punisher due to dissatisfaction with the character’s direction and writing.
  • The creative overhaul of
    Daredevil: Born Again
    has resulted in a crucial reconciliation between Bernthal and the studio, promising a rendition of Frank Castle that aligns with fan expectations.
  • The series is shaping up to be one of Marvel’s most anticipated shows, with former Netflix characters expected to make a comeback, even if only for a short time.

In a time when the Marvel Cinematic Universe has created a backdoor way for any former stars of the franchise to return to their previous roles, fans have many unexpected cameos to look forward to in the coming years. One of those is Jon Bernthal’s return as Frank Castle aka The Punisher in next year’s Daredevil: Born Again series. However, it seems that Bernthal was not always intending to return to the role if plans for the series had not changed direction.

As revealed in a post on X, Cameron Silas met with Bernthal at a recent fan event and asked about his upcoming role in Charlie Cox’s Daredevil revival, and candidly noted that he originally turned his back on the chance to return because he did not like the way the character was being written or the direction of the new series.

According to the post, Bernthal “hated what they were doing with [Daredevil] before the whole rewrite” and that he has frequently turned down Marvel’s attempts to get him to reprise his role because “they hadn’t been getting it right.” The post also goes on to note that this role in Born Again will be a “small part”, but one that is “good in his eyes.”

Bernthal’s candid revelation about his initial displeasure with the series’ direction underscores the complexities behind bringing beloved comic book characters to the screen, even when that character has already appeared on screen in the past.

Daredevil: Born Again Has Undergone Huge Changes


The creative overhaul of Daredevil: Born Again has been a game-changer, not only for Bernthal but also for the series itself. The decision to rewrite the series and reintroduce characters from the original Netflix show has been a pivotal move, appeasing both actors and fans. Bernthal’s eventual agreement to return, albeit in a “small part,” signifies a crucial reconciliation between actor and studio, promising a rendition of Frank Castle that aligns more closely with fan expectations and the character’s gritty essence.

Is Daredevil: Born Again Just an Unofficial Daredevil Season 4?

With tons of new casting updates and set photos, can Daredevil: Born Again provide anything different to the characters and story?

The series has already been teased as a dark and violent show that falls in line with Netflix’s Daredevil, and after a shaky appearance for the character in She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, the fleeting appearance of the Devil of Hell’s Kitchen in January’s release of Echo boosted hopes of a return to form for his next time out.

Daredevil: Born Again is shaping up to be one of Marvel’s most anticipated shows coming in the next wave of Disney+ projects. With everyone seemingly much happier after the show’s shake-up, that excitement is now justified, with many former Netflix characters expected to find their way back into the franchise, even if it is only for a short time.

The Punisher
can now be found as part of Disney+’s Marvel offerings.
Daredevil: Born Again
is expected to air sometime in 2025.

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