One Day Star Describes the ‘Joyous, Terrible Story of Their Love’ in Netflix Series



  • Netflix’s new series,
    One Day
    , is an adaptation of the novel by David Nicholls and follows two star-crossed lovers over the course of two decades on the same day of the year.
  • Essie Davis, known for her roles in
    The Babadook
    Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries
    , plays the role of Dexter’s mother, Alison Mayhew, in the series.
  • Davis heaped praise on her young co-stars and broke down the emotions behind the new Netflix show.

Netflix has released yet another romantic hit with the quaint British series, One Day. It’s an adaptation of the beloved novel One Day by David Nicholls, which was previously turned into a film starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. The 2024 series features the young Leo Woodall and Ambika Mod in the main roles of Dexter Mayhew and Emma Morley, and like the novel, the series follows them on the same day of the year for two decades.

The great Essie Davis plays Dexter’s mother, Alison Mayhew. This follows her other recent Netflix outing, the finale of Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities. Davis is perhaps most famous for her starring role in The Babadook and as the charismatic titular character in the delightful period series, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. She’s also starred in Game of Thrones as Lady Crane, and as Mary Lynch in Assassin’s Creed. If you haven’t seen her harrowing character study The Justice of Bunny King, you’re missing out on one of the most powerful New Zealand films ever made.

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Dexter Mayhew’s Mom Describes His Romance in One Day

Davis took some time to speak with MovieWeb after she wrapped filming for One Day back in October of 2022. “The novel is set on one single day, the 15th of July, every year, for 20 years,” said Davis, who went on to rap rhapsodically about the Netflix series.

“It’s about two sort of star-crossed lovers who meet on their graduating night. A girl from north of England, who’s not in the cool gang, and meets this golden boy who looks amazing and has everything handed to him on a platter,” explained Davis, who continued:

It’s this wonderful, push-me-pull-me, hilarious, kind of joyous, terrible story of their love and attraction to one another, and just the point they are at in each other’s lives on that day every year. It’s about someone who’s got everything who just attracts thing to himself, and who someone who has nothing aspires to and creates for herself.

One Day (2024)

Release Date
February 8, 2024

Nicole Taylor

Leo Woodall , Ambika Mod , Amber Grappy , Brendan Quinn , Jonny Weldon


Drama Republic, Focus Features, Netflix

“It’s really beautiful,” said Davis. “Ambika Mod [who plays Emma] is hilarious and genius, and Leo Woodall [who plays Dexter] is gorgeously deep. They’re two wonderful young actors that I just thought were outstanding. And the scripts are divine, each episode is just one year later in their lives. I play Dexter’s mother, the golden boy’s mother. So, Leo was my son, and mother and son have a really cool relationship. They’re a pretty awesome couple in themselves.”

You can now see what Davis means, with One Day streaming on Netflix as of today, Feb. 8, 2024. You can watch the series through the link below.

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