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  • One Day is a Netflix miniseries adapted from a popular novel, following the romantic bond between Dexter and Emma over 20 years.
  • The series features a talented cast, including rising star Leo Woodall as Dexter and Ambika Mod as Emma, with notable performances from Amber Grappy, Jonny Weldon, and more.
  • Viewers can expect emotional twists and turns as Dexter and Emma navigate their careers, relationships, and the possibility of a lifelong connection.

Warning: This guide contains loose spoilers for One Day in order to describe certain characters’ roles.

Adapted from the 2009 David Nicholls novel of the same name, One Day is a Netflix miniseries that premiered on Feb. 8, 2024. The story follows Dexter Mayhew and Emma Morley, two British university students who meet and spend a wonderful day together (Jul. 15th) before going their separate ways following graduation the next day. Over the next 20 years, brief snapshots of Dexter and Emma’s romantic bond are depicted on the same day of every calendar year.

One Day was previously adapted as a 2011 romantic comedy movie starring Anne Hathaway and Jim Sturgess. As for the new adaptation of One Day,the Netflix miniseries features a talented crop of international acting talent that many viewers will recognize from past projects. From upcoming stars and veteran supporting character actors alike, here are the main characters in One Day and the performers who play them onscreen.

One Day (2024)

Release Date
February 8, 2024

Nicole Taylor

Leo Woodall , Ambika Mod , Amber Grappy , Brendan Quinn , Jonny Weldon

Leo Woodall as Dexter Mayhew

Dexter wears a blue blazer in One Day

Played by Leo Woodall in One Day, Dexter Mayhew is a student at the University of Edinburgh. Dexter is a charming, handsome, thrill-seeking young man who meets Emma Morley one day before they graduate. Dexter also comes from a background of wealth and privilege yet has a desire to explore the world. When he meets Emma, Dexter is happy to travel abroad, drink, and court women. When he finally gets his life in order, Dexter becomes a successful TV presenter.

Fresh off his remarkable stint as Jack in Season 2 of The White Lotus, Woodall is a fast-rising actor with just a handful of additional credits. After making his TV debut in Holby City in 2019, Woodall starred opposite Tom Holland in the Apple Original film Cherry. Woodall can also be seen in the TV series Citadel and Vampire Academy, as well as the upcoming projects Nomad and Nuremberg.

Ambika Mod as Emma Morley

Emma and Dexter smile in the grass in One Day

Portrayed by Ambika Mod, Emma Morley is an aspiring author and playwright who attends the University of Edinburgh in One Day. Emma and Dexter meet the day before graduation in 1988 and spend a wistful night together. After graduation, the two move to London, where Emma becomes a waitress while continuing her writing. Although Emma has huge ambitions to change the world through her art, life gives her a humbling slap in the face.

Mod’s career commenced in 2018 and the actor has made the most of her opportunities in television. Apart from a few short films, Mod is best known for such TV shows as I Hate Suzy, This is Going to Hurt, Trying, and The Mash Report. Following One Day, which marks Mod’s most substantial character arc to date, the actor can be seen next in the upcoming miniseries The Playdate.

Amber Grappy as Tilly

Emma and Tilly sit in the kitchen in One Day

Amber Grappy plays Tilly in One Day. Tilly is Emma’s bubbly and energetic best friend and college classmate. After forging a bond at university, Emma and Tilly remain friends for years. When Emma moves to London to pursue her writing career after college, she moves in with Tilly. Even when Emma lacks confidence and is unsure of herself, Tilly’s terminally upbeat attitude helps her keep going.

One Day marks the fourth TV show Grappy has participated in thus far in her young career. Before starring in One Day, Grappy notably played Bobbi in the Max Original Series The Baby, Lauren Thompson in the BBC horror-comedy series Wreck, and AJ in the Sky Original romance series Smothered. By appearing in 8 episodes of One Day compared to six in each of the aforementioned TV shows, Tilly is Grappy’s longest-running character to date.

Jonny Weldon as Ian

Ian smiles at dinner in One Day

Played by Jonny Weldon, Ian is an aspiring comedian with an awkward sense of humor in One Day. Often serving as a comic relief, Ian meets Emma while she works as a waitress in a Tex-Mex restaurant in London. Although Emma does not want to continue working at the restaurant, her encounter with Ian lifts her spirits, and they continue to be friends and even romantic partners as the series shifts back and forth over a 20-year timeline.

Weldon is a British actor with some of the most popular TV shows under his belt. After appearing in Doctors, The Outlaws, and Breeders, Weldon played Samwell in The Game of Thrones spin-off, House of the Dragon. While One Day represents Weldon’s most significant TV character to date, the actor can also be seen in such recent movies as Christmas on Mistletoe Farm and People We Hate at the Wedding.

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Essie Davis as Alison Mayhew

Dexter and Alison walk together in One Day

Essie Davis portrays Alison Mayhew in One Day. Alison is Dexter’s mother, who constantly worries about her son’s aimless sense of direction. When Dexter meets Emma and introduces her to his mother, Alison takes an instant shine to the bright aspiring scribe. Later, when tragedy hits Dexter’s family, Emma does her best to console Dexter over the unthinkable loss.

Perhaps best known for giving an Oscar-worthy performance in the outstanding horror movieThe Babadook, Davis is a superb Australian actor who always elevates those around her. With 30 years of acting experience, Davis’ most famous credits include The Matrix Reloaded, Game of Thrones, The White Princess, and Guillermo del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities.

Tim McInnerny as Stephen Mayhew

Stephen wears a green shirt in One Day

Played by Tim McInnerny, Stephen Mayhew is Alison Mayhew’s husband and Dexter’s father in One Day. Stephen does not approve of Dexter’s wayward lifestyle and their relationship becomes more strained over the years. When a sudden death hits the Mayhew family, Stephen and his son are both left reeling to pick up the emotional pieces in different ways.

With roughly 120 career credits, McInnerny is another Game of Thrones alum among the cast of One Day. The talented English actor is also known for starring in Notting Hill, Severance, Peterloo, Ten Percent, The Serpent, Blackadder, 101 Dalmations, MI-5, Outlander, and many more. McInnerny can be seen next in Ridley Scott’s long-awaited sequel, Gladiator 2.

Brendan Quinn as Callum

Brendan Quinn appears in video on X

Portrayed by Brendan Quinn, Callum is one of Dexter’s close friends in One Day. Dexter and Callum meet at the University of Edinburgh and instantly hit it off. As time goes on, Dexter and Callum grow apart due to their differing ambitions. While Dexter is happy to live a freewheeling life without direction, Callum becomes a more serious career-driven professional and goes on to enjoy great success later in life.

One Day marks Quinn’s longest-running character thus far in his career. Previously, Quinn made single episodic appearances in Vikings: Valhalla, Soft Border Patrol, and Death and Nightingales. Quinn can also be seen in such movies as Haunted Ulster Live, Bravery Under Fire, and The Old Irish Washer Woman.

Eleanor Tomlinson as Sylvie Cope

Dexter and Sylvie get close in One Day

Eleanor Tomlinson plays Sylvie Cope in One Day. Sylvie becomes one of Dexter’s long-term girlfriends after he separates from Emma and begins life anew in London. Eventually, Dexter and Sylvia get married and have a child together, which compromises Dexter and Emma’s relationship. The more time passes, the more Dexter is forced to weigh his life with Sylvie and their child versus what he could potentially have with Emma.

Tomlinson is an accomplished English actor who began her career as a child performer. With over 30 credits, Tomlinson is best known for starring in Alice in Wonderland, Jack the Giant Slayer, The White Queen, The Outlaws, The War of the Worlds, and more. To date, Tomlinson’s most substantial TV role includes playing Demelza Poldark in over 40 episodes of the BBC period drama Poldark.

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Rebekah Murrell as Suki Meadows

Suki leans on a wall in One Day

Played by Rebekah Murrell, Suki Meadows is one of Dexter’s co-workers who also serves as a popular TV presenter in One Day. When their professional relationship is breached, Dexter and Suki begin dating briefly. However, like all the women and girlfriends in Dexter’s life, their romantic experiences together help Dexter realize that Emma is his one true love.

Murrell is a talented British actor who began his career in Roman Mysteries in 2007. Other notable credits include Trying, the BBC crime drama The Pact, and the coming-of-age dramedy In My Skin. While less experienced on the big screen, Murrell can also be seen in the 2021 feature comedy film Pirates.

John Macmillan as Aaron

John Macmillan appears in House of the Dragon

John Macmillan plays Aaron in One Day. Aaron is Dexter’s professional talent agent, who helps him keep his career as a popular TV presenter afloat as long as he can. Alas, Dexter must overcome his self-destructive tendencies, including drug habits and alcohol dependency. Throughout the 20 years, Dexter’s tumultuous time as a TV host directly affects his relationship with Emma.

With roughly 60 career credits thus far, Macmillan is a brilliant English actor with many crossover credits with his One Day costars. For instance, Macmillan played a character in Season 1 of House of the Dragon. He has also appeared in The Nevers and The People We Hate at the Wedding. With appearances in The Dark Knight Rises, World War Z, and Maleficent as well, Macmillan continues to make his presence felt on the big and small screen.

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