10 Extremely Bloody Episodes of Netflix’s Love, Death & Robots


Blood and gore are inherently perceived as unsettling. However, if one were to learn something from Game of Thrones’ “Red Wedding” being one of the best-rated episodes of the series, it is that the audience loves gore. This is why it’s not surprising that Netflix’s Love, Death and Robots did so well with viewers and critics- it won 13 Prime-time Emmys.



Love, Death, and Robots is a Netflix Anthology featuring different animated stories in each episode. The genres encompass horror, fiction, comedy, and fantasy. All episodes can be watched as a stand-alone, since the stories aren’t linked to each other. What they do have in common is the fact that each episode is a testament to magnificent animation and storytelling. So much that it was recently renewed for season four on Netflix.

Circling back to the topic of gore, it seems to be a recurrent theme across the entire series, with most episodes featuring some degree of violence and brutality. While there are many to choose from, here are some of the most gory episodes of the Netflix original.

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10 Sucker of Souls (Episode 5)

Simon before his death in Love, Death and Robots

This episode’s story revolves around an archeologist, Dr Wehnut, excavating the tomb of an impaler, Vlad, with his assistant, Simon. During their excursion, they unearth a bloodthirsty demon who is prepared to unleash terror with an army of cats.

Dracula Is a Brutal Monster in “Sucker of Souls”

For fans of straight-up blood and guts, this episode is a visual treat. There is a lot of fighting, and, hence, violent scenes between Dracula and Flynn’s mercenaries. However, the scene that makes it one of the most brutal of the series is the one of Simon’s death. As Simon uncovers the Dracula, it tears his neck and proceeds to dissect him from chest to head, causing a gush of blood to land on Dr Wehnut and Flynn. This is the very blood they spend the entire episode covered in, reminding the audience of the unsettling scene throughout.

The scene is super graphic and very drawn-out, giving the audience the whole view as Simon’s skin is torn off, layer by layer. It sets the mood for the rest of the episode, where a lot of disturbing brutality soon follows.

9 Good Hunting (Episode 8)

A robot woman getting surgery on her face in Love Death and Robots

“Good Hunting” follows the story of Liang, the son of a spirit hunter, and Yan, a shape-shifting huli jing. The two become friends under unfortunate circumstances and then later help each other navigate through the magic-less world of imperialism. Liang helps Yan re-learn her magic to seek revenge on the men who took her abilities away, forcing her to stay in a human form.

A Shape-Shifting Killing Spree in “Good Hunting”

Given the premise, blood and violence are expected as a spirit hunter and shape-shifter unite in their quest for revenge. Liang helps Yan learn to use a modernized version of her magic that allows her to shape-shift and go on a killing spree. Thanks to this, the viewers get plenty of bloody moments throughout the episode.

However, what takes the cake is the scene where Yan’s mother is beheaded by Liang’s father, right in front of her. Not only is this scene visually disturbing, but it also does something to the viewer’s heart as they watch the poor daughter grapple with her mother’s sudden, extremely violent death. What makes this scene more disconcerting is the fact that the audience gets to see how Yan’s mother did not deserve what happened to her. Her only fault was being beautiful, which led men to fall for her, despite no advances of her own.

8 Shapeshifters (Episode 10)

Shape shifting werewolves showing themselves to Decker in Love, Death and Robots

This episode follows the unusual story of two marines, Decker and Sobieski, who are posted in Afghanistan. The duo is not mere human soldiers, but werewolves who have to endure discrimination from fellow comrades due to their differences. As the two struggle to navigate the battles amongst themselves and with their enemies, it unravels an unconventional tale of xenophobia.

A War-Torn Werewolf Story

The story is told in a war-torn setting, so blood scenes are pretty much expected. However, the audience would be thoroughly surprised at how increasingly graphic they get. There are plenty of bloody scenes throughout the episode, such as when Decker takes several bullets while making his way to the shoot.

However, one of the most harrowing scenes of the episode is when Decker, after finding all of his teammates and Sobieski dead (literally torn apart by enemy werewolves), goes out to hunt those responsible. As he finds and kills them, the audience gets a queasy moment as he finally gets to the older werewolf and crushes his head between his jaws. Viewers can actually listen to the bone-crushing noise as the enemy succumbs in front of Decker.

7 Sonnie’s Edge (Episode 1)

Sonnie being undefeatable in Love, Death and Robots

“Sonnie’s Edge” is one of the best episodes of the series, as it tells the story of a futuristic underworld where people can transfer their consciousness into their beasties, who then fight in an arena to death. Sonnie and her clan are infamously undefeated in this fight. That is until Sonnie’s past is uncovered, and a shocking twist is unveiled, Sonnie doesn’t just transfer her consciousness to her beastie, she is her beastie, since her own body was severely deformed due to torture endured in the past.

A Bloody Monster Fight!

People transferring their consciousness into fighting monsters who beat each other up until one of them dies sets the mood for a lot of mortifying violence. Which is exactly what the viewers get from beginning to end. Yet one scene that tends to stick around in one’s brain is when Sonnie is fighting the blonde. As the two fight, the blonde finds an edge and manages to impale Sonnie all the way through her head, and then proceeds to stomp on her skull until it is nothing but a bloody mess. As extreme as the words seem, the animation was just as bad.

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6 Suits (Episode 4)

Hank deciding to kill everyone in Love, Death and Robots

An episode for the fans of fiction, “Suits” features the story of a colony of farmers in mech suits trying to save their land from an alien attack. However, in a shocking plot twist, it is revealed that it is not the farmers’ land being attacked but the farmers attacking another planet in hopes of colonizing it.

Mechs vs. Aliens in This Invasion Story

There is relatively less human blood in this episode. Which isn’t to say there is no blood at all. There’s the scene where Jake activates his suit’s reactor before dying, killing everyone, including the surrounding aliens, ending the episode with the whole mass murder vibe. However, there is still the very gory scene of tons of cows being viciously slaughtered at the beginning of the episode, leaving the audience reeling in a whole other form of discomfort they did not see coming.

5 The Secret War (Episode 18)

Zakharov fighting the invasion in Love, Death and Robots

This episode tells the story of a Red Army Platoon that is sent off to the Siberian Forests to summon an army of demons to fight for them. However, the mission turns into an epic failure as the platoon fails to perform the ritual correctly and instead unleashes a swarm of demons that they now need to deal with.

A Secret, Siberian Slaughter

The demons that the Red Army unleashed are very mean-spirited. They kill and prod through the earth with no purpose or reason other than, well, being demons. This leads to mass murders of entire towns and villages, giving the viewers a fair serving of gore in every other scene.

One such scene is when the Red Army is trying to track the demons, and they end up at a village, the entirety of which has been slaughtered by the demons. There are severely distorted faces, piles of dead bodies, and awful destruction all around. Making this one very heart-wrenching scene in the episode. Even the end of the episode is pretty extreme in how the OG Red Army carpet combs an area to kill off the demons, killing the men of their platoon in the process. All in all, a pretty brutal episode to sit through.

4 Helping Hand (Episode 11)

Alexandria Stephens losing air in Love, Death and Robots

“Helping Hand” is the story of an astronaut, Alex, who ends up stranded in space. As she finds a way to survive, she has to choose between her limb and her life. Since the only hope of surviving is in her taking off her glove (risking freezing it off) and using that to ricochet back to her ship. Except she misses, and now she has to experience her arm slowly rotting away as she struggles to survive with low oxygen.

An Impossible Choice

The entire episode, from the moment Alex misses her target on the ship and looks at her arm longingly, is brutally mortifying until the end. It doesn’t help that the animation in this episode is so well done, it almost feels real. There is no vicious, bloody brutality in this episode (until the very end), but the slow-paced, intense torture Alex is subject to is no less. However, it all builds up to a very bloody scene as Alex finally tears off her arm. The audience gets to see all of it, in hyperrealistic animation. The slow ripping of skin, the cracking of bones, and the floating away of a dead grey hand, all of it.

3 When The Yogurt Took Over (Episode 6)

Scientists looking at a bowl of yogurt in Love, Death and Robots

While AI-run worlds are heard of, this story features a super-smart Yogurt that has the ability to run the world. The Yogurt agrees to give out solutions for the world’s problems in exchange for one US state, Ohio. Soon, Ohio prospers under yogurt’s control while the rest of the country falls into crisis. This leads to people finally accepting yogurt as their ruler instead of humans.

A Sinister, Tasty Treat

While this episode is a light watch and has a comedic vibe to it, it still has some pretty intense scenes that land it on this list. There is this one scene where a man is literally boiling a dead baby for food. Granted, that he’s in the middle of a food crisis, but dying babies for food is tapping into a whole other world of brutality.

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2 Alternate Histories (Episode 17)

Hitler in his school attire in Love, Death and Robots

“Alternate Histories” features a history research app called Multiversity that allows users to virtually experience how the world would turn out if Hitler died in one of the six given scenarios.

Hitler Gets Thrashed in “Alternate Histories”

Given the synopsis, there are a number of deaths expected throughout the episode. However, the cartoonish animation style keeps things from getting too bloody, making this episode a great watch for fans of violence who don’t like too much gore. There is this one scene where Hitler gets run over by a runaway horse wagon and ends up pasted on the sidewalk with all of his blood, broken bones, and guts encircling him. While it’s pretty disgusting, it’s easier to watch given the animation style.

1 The Dump (Episode 9)

Dave Dvorchack monitoring his home in Love, Death and Robots

This episode follows the story of a man called Ugly Dave, who lives in the dump with his loyal pet, Otto. Ugly Dave makes an enemy as the city inspector tries to kick him out, leading him to unleash his monstrous pet on him.

Man’s Best Friend

Otto is some kind of mutilated puppy-dog who lives in the dump and feeds off the trash there. He has this strange ability where anyone he eats becomes a part of him. This premise leads to plenty of gruesome, unsettling deaths throughout the episode, as Ugly Dave uses Otto to fend off anyone who threatens him.

This includes the death of the city inspector. The viewers get to watch the whole, drawn-out killing, where the inspector’s arm is bitten and sheared off his body. There is lots of blood flying everywhere as he finally succumbs to his death.

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