NCIS Star Teases Possible Return for Tony DiNozzo



  • Michael Weatherly has teased a possible return of his character Tony DiNozzo on NCIS after being away from the series for a decade.
  • DiNozzo was a fan favorite known for his clever one-liners, loyalty, and detective skills, and his character felt unfinished.
  • While there are no concrete plans for his return, Weatherly expressed interest, and his potential comeback could revitalize the series and attract lost viewers.

Michael Weatherly has teased the possible return of his NCIS character Tony DiNozzo. As a series that has been on screen for over two decades, NCIS and its many spin-offs has seen the arrival and departure of many characters, but after a decade away from the series Weatherly could be ready to make a surprising comeback to the series.

Weatherly’s DiNozzo, known for his clever one-liners, unwavering loyalty, and impressive detective skills, did not take long to become a fan-favorite in the early years of the series. Partnered up with Mark Harmon’s Leroy Gibbs – who himself departed the show early in its 19th season – the pair were central to NCIS’ success. After season 13, Weatherly exited the series, with DiNozzo learning that he has a daughter with former partner, Special Agent Ziva David, who was believed to have died in a mortar attack on her home in Israel, and he left in search of answers. Weatherly himself decided that after 13 seasons, the time was right to leave the show as he had reportedly grown bored of playing the same role and wanted to search other avenues.

Now, it seems that the actor would be willing to reprise his role again, and said as much in response to a fan’s question on X (formerly Twitter) as to which of his characters he had preferred playing. Weatherly replied:

There will be more DiNozzo someday because he is the one character that felt unfinished…that’s my plan! We shall see.

With Harmon’s Gibbs now out of the series, but set for a quick return in prequel series NCIS: Origins, it could be perfect time for Weatherly to return and take the lead in the show once again, but it seems that for now, there are no concrete plans for this to happen, even if the actor would certainly be up for it.

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Could Michael Weatherly Return in NCIS Season 21?

Michael Weatherly as Tony DiNozzo in NCIS

Fans have taken no time in speculating when and how DiNozzo might return to NCIS, with some even wanting to see him back as soon as the upcoming season 21. The new season will include a special tribute episode to David McCallum’s character, Ducky, following McCallum’s passing. This episode presents a clear opportunity for a cast reunion of characters from the original seasons of the show, and it would not be out of the question for DiNozzo to be one of them.

Back in 2022, executive producer and NCIS showrunner Stephen D. Binder addressed the subject of Weatherly’s possible return to the franchise, and seemed to be positive that it could certainly happen at some point. Binder said in an interview that came after the NCIS Season 19 finale:

“I absolutely would love to do something like that. The last conversation I had with him was that he’s going to take some time off and rest because he went from a very difficult schedule on NCIS to headlining his own show for six years, through COVID, but I can say that I consider him a friend, so it’s not a difficult conversation to have with him. It’s just a question of whether or not it works out.”

The potential return of Michael Weatherly to the franchise is one that clearly would be a boost for the show, and could potentially revitalize the series and add a certain nostalgic pull that could see some lost viewers return to the franchise again. Obviously, with the NCIS universe continuing to expand, there is always a question of whether it is necessary to look back to its past when there is much happening in its future. However, with Weatherly chomping at the bit to be reunited with the NCIS team, his potential return will be something that CBS would be foolish to dismiss out of hand as they look to keep their longest running series chugging along for a little while longer.


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