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Warning: Spoilers for Mr. & Mrs. Smith


  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith
    Season 2 could explore the wide network of defected Smiths and their lives on the run, adding depth to the narrative.
  • John and Jane have the potential to grow into top-tier spies, as they are still amateurs in their fields.
  • Viewers are eager to learn more about the elusive secret agency and the identity of Hihi, which could be significant plot points in Season 2.

As it stands, Prime Video has yet to renew its action dramedy, Mr. & Mrs. Smith, for Season 2. The series is based on the blockbuster from 2005, which starred Brad Pitt and Angelia Jolie as two married spies who unknowingly work for rival companies. When they are ultimately tasked with eliminating one another, the action and comedy throughout the film truly flourish. However, although the show is loosely based on the same premise, its execution and overall narrative bear a striking difference from its predecessor. While it might be considered a reboot, the show’s tone and nuanced characters create something completely different, which sets it apart from the film entirely.

In the series, John (Donald Glover) and Jane (Maya Erskine) are paired together as a married couple from the beginning, thanks to the secretive agency the duo both work for. Tasked with working their missions together, they inevitably develop real feelings for one another as they pose as a loving husband and wife. As such, the dynamics of their blossoming relationship emerge front and center in the series while the action holds steady in the background. As the series progresses and the strains of their relationship seep into their work, the pair inevitably fail three missions, which poses a problem for them at the agency.

As a result, they are each tasked with “taking out their Smith.” After a shootout in their home and shots of truth serum to loosen their lips, the pair unite against John #2 (Wagner Moura) and Jane #2 (Parker Posey), who unexpectedly show up to terminate them. Refusing to succumb to such a fate, John and Jane lock themselves inside their panic room after shooting John #2. With John injured from a gunshot wound to his side and the pair left with only one bullet, Jane decides to take a stand and use her final bullet to eliminate Jane #2. When she opens the door, three gunshots are clearly seen, but the fate of each Smith is left up in the air. As such, there are quite a few things viewers want to see from a potential Season 2.

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Given how Season 1 ended with a cliffhanger, John and Jane will likely be on the run if they make it out of the panic room alive. As viewers saw in the show’s opening scene with a different John (Alexander Skarsgård) and Jane (Eiza González), other Smiths have clearly defected and live their lives running from termination. While the first John and Jane were quickly eliminated, despite their best efforts, there may be a plethora of Smiths scattered across the world continuously running from other “ultra-high risk” Smiths hellbent on eliminating them.

If Season 2 eventually makes its way to Prime Video, exploring such an aspect would widen the scope of the show’s narrative in a way that makes sense for the series. Given how little John and Jane know about the other Smiths or the agency they work for, it’s possible their espionage affiliations run much deeper than they think.

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Furthermore, if the other Smiths have allied with one another or successfully evaded the agency for a significant period of time, the trajectory for John and Jane’s storyline could be a more hopeful one. While skilled, the pair are still relative amateurs in their chosen fields, which means the series has the opportunity to solidify and expand their abilities. As such, they could ultimately grow into a top-tier force to be reckoned with.

Other than the brief display of talent and experience, although mostly implied, from John #2 and Jane #2, the audience hasn’t seen how the other Smiths compare to John and Jane. Season 2 could explore this aspect and examine how other Johns and Janes dealt with their directives and missions while hiding in plain sight. As the show explores nuanced human emotions above all else, connecting with other Smiths in a heartfelt way could add another exciting layer to John and Jane’s ultimate desire for genuine human connection.

Answers About the Secret Agency

At no point throughout Season 1 do viewers learn anything of substance about the elusive secret agency that employs John and Jane. While such insights weren’t the purpose of Season 1, details about the agency would prove useful in Season 2, especially if John and Jane end up on the run.

Despite their chosen line of work, the duo clearly struggle with following orders to the letter. After all, John maintained contact with his mother, and Jane refused to leave John behind when the prospect of advancing within the agency was presented to her. While they obviously complete their missions, their inherent response is born out of a need to question their directives from Hihi.

Furthermore, discovering the identity of Hihi would most definitely be a noteworthy reveal. Given the God-like status many other Smiths have seemed to assign to her (or him), uncovering the character’s true identity could be a significant plot point for John and Jane as they move forward. Now that their situation has turned sour, focusing on what and who is behind the missions and termination orders would make sense. Hopefully, John and Jane ultimately make it out of the panic room so audiences can learn more about the world of Mr. & Mrs. Smith via Season 2. All episodes of Mr. & Mrs. Smith are currently streaming on Prime Video.

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