Prime Video’s Mr. & Mrs. Smith Ending, Explained


Warning: Spoilers for Mr. & Mrs. Smith.


  • Mr. & Mrs. Smith
    on Prime Video tells a different story with more complex characters than the 2005 film, making them relatable.
  • John and Jane develop a realistic relationship while working together as spies, but personal issues cause them to fail missions.
  • The season finale ends with a cliffhanger as John and Jane confront assassins and make a final stand to save themselves and each other.

Mr. & Mrs. Smith is the latest action dramedy series from Prime Video, which is based on the 2005 film of the same name but bears few similarities with the blockbuster. Although loosely based on the same premise with a ton of changes, the series tells an entirely different story with more nuanced and complicated characters, which, in the end, makes them more relatable. The show begins with John (Donald Glover) and Jane (Maya Erskine) as they start their employment with a secretive espionage agency who’ve paired the duo as a married couple, so they’re ultimately less conspicuous. Unlike the film, the two work missions together per the direction of their only agency contact, whom they refer to as “Hihi.”

Throughout their missions, John and Jane quickly develop a real relationship. As such, the series explores the dynamics of their coupling and love in an incredibly realistic and genuine way. In a show about two spies, the focus seemingly remains on the interworking of two lonely people who ultimately want nothing more than to find someone who understands them. Although, as with many relationships, John and Jane find it difficult to overcome their personal issues. As a result, their work suffers, and they inevitably fail three of their missions, which is the limit per the agency’s rules. However, neither truly understands the implications of such a failure, at least not until the season’s final episode.

Assassination Attempts on Mr. & Mrs. Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Smith


Release Date
February 2, 2024

Francesca Sloane, Donald Glover


Leading up to the season finale of Mr. & Mrs. Smith, John and Jane’s complicated relationship is on the rocks, and John is no longer staying at their home. The final episode opens with Jane receiving a directive from Hihi to “terminate her Smith,” and it’s assumed John was told to do the same. Clearly taken aback by such an order, Jane slams her computer shut, confused about her next move. While eating breakfast in the kitchen with her cat, she narrowly misses a bullet from an unknown sniper outside the house. When she ducks behind the kitchen’s island, she discovers her cat isn’t so lucky.

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Meanwhile, John and his mother arrive at her home after walking, and John immediately realizes something is wrong. After directing her to leave until he tells her otherwise, he spots the explosives rigged at the base of the entrance, ready for him to cross the threshold. While each presumes the other was behind their attempted assassination, John and Jane meet in public to speak their final words face to face before Jane traps John and nearly blows him up with a small explosive. After evading death yet again, John runs after Jane, and the two begin their hand-to-hand combative tango that eventually takes them back home.

Jane returns to the house first to find John’s mother there. The two share a sweet moment, and John’s mother leaves before he arrives. The duo then partake in a shootout with one another in a scene that feels like a callback to the original film and its great action sequences. As they strategically utilize every gun stashed away in secret corners of their home, their picturesque house quickly turns to shambles. As they both grow more and more exhausted from fighting, John eventually subdues Jane and gives each of them a shot of the truth serum they used during one of their missions earlier in the season.

Having lied to one another about how they feel in order to protect their own emotions, John and Jane now have no choice but to tell the truth. As a result, they finally admit each other’s hard truths and divulge secrets they’ve been keeping since they met. Furthermore, they disclose just how much they love one another. In the middle of their reconciliation, Jane realizes John didn’t try to kill her or her cat, and John realizes Jane wasn’t the one who rigged his mother’s house with explosives. Subsequently, John #2 (Wagner Moura) and Jane #2 (Parker Posey), whom they met at the beginning of the season, enter through the front door, which catches them both by surprise.

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John and Jane Make a Final Stand

As the situation unfolds, John and Jane quickly realize John #2 and Jane #2 are there to eliminate them, which explains their “ultra-high risk” level. The pair exclusively terminate other Smiths. Refusing to succumb to such a fate, Jane manages to shoot John #2 during one of his sneezing fits before she and John make a break for a safer place. It’s implied John #2 eventually yields to his injuries as John and Jane secure themselves inside their panic room upstairs.

Temporarily safe inside, Jane watches through the cameras as Jane #2 waits outside the panic room door. John reveals he’s been shot in his side as the pair realize they have one bullet left between the two of them. As they sit for a moment, Jane tells John they can have kids, and the two briefly discuss their future, which has been a topic of contention since the beginning of their relationship. Jane #2 attempts to open the door with various keypad codes but continues to fail when Jane decides she’s going to shoot Jane #2 and save John.

When Jane opens the door on the count of three, the camera cuts to an outside shot of the house before two quick flashes of gunfire occur, followed by a third from inside the unlit house. Afterward, the credits roll and the season ends on a cliffhanger without a definitive explanation for who survives. Given the show’s prospect for a second season, it’s likely the first two shots were fired by Jane #2, which probably missed, seeing as Jane had a moderate upper hand with the lights in the house turned off. The third shot was most likely fired by Jane, who ensured her final bullet ultimately eliminated her threat and saved John.

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