Dwayne Johnson and Lin-Manuel Miranda Team Up for Live-Action Moana Magic



  • Dwayne Johnson and Lin-Manuel Miranda are teaming up again for the live-action
    , with high expectations for their collaboration.
  • Thomas Kail, known for directing Hamilton, will direct the live-action
    , aiming to create a fusion of theatrical brilliance and cinematic magic.
  • The sequel to animated
    is in the works,
    Moana 2
    , with advancements in technology and visual effects promising to bring the oceanic world to life in unprecedented ways.

Dwayne Johnson is set to reprise his role as Maui in the upcoming live-action Moana, with Lin-Manuel Miranda once again taking the lead on the music. This revelation comes alongside whispers of a sequel to the animated film, poised to enchant audiences later this year.

The original Moana was a cinematic triumph that blended Polynesian mythology with modern animation, creating a tapestry of adventure and cultural celebration. Despite the high expectations following its success, Disney is eagerly facing the challenge head-on. For the live-action iteration, Thomas Kail, renowned for directing Hamilton, has been chosen to steer the ship, promising a fusion of theatrical brilliance and cinematic magic.

Johnson’s enthusiasm for the project is infectious. In an exclusive with ET Online, he teased the global search for a new actress to portray Moana, hinting that the perfect candidate has already been found, though her identity remains a closely guarded secret. Johnson revealed and sparked intrigue and anticipation among fans eager to learn who will step into the iconic role. Johnson shared:

“One of the exciting things about that was actually finding our Moana and how exciting that has been. The global search to find our Moana — which — between you and I, we found her —
not gonna tell you yet
. [It’s] very exciting.”

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The actor also opened up about the upcoming animated sequel, Moana 2, expressing his excitement over the advancements in technology and visual effects that promise to bring the oceanic world to life in unprecedented ways. “You also have the benefit and the beauty of the ocean. In Moana… the ocean is alive, so when the ocean has a heartbeat and a pulse, that’s just a whole different thing,” Johnson remarked. “I can’t wait. All new music, which we’re excited,” he added, highlighting the integral role of the ocean as not just a setting, but a character in its own right.

Disney Embarks on a Dual Quest with Moana Sequel and Live-Action Remake

Although not officially confirmed for Moana 2, Johnson’s engagement with the live-action version underscores his commitment to the series. His collaborative relationship with Miranda is particularly noteworthy, as the duo aims to recapture the musical enchantment that made the original film a standout. Focusing his efforts on the live-action Moana, Miranda has decided to direct his musical expertise there instead of contributing to the sequel.

Disney’s strategy to extend Moana’s influence involves creating a sequel and transforming the original into a live-action film, signifying the movie’s deep cultural imprint. With a team comprising Johnson, Miranda, and Kail, the projects are in capable hands, promising to deliver experiences that honor the spirit of the original while introducing innovative elements to enchant a new generation.

Disney’s projects remain shrouded in mystery, with details about the live-action cast and the sequel’s plot tightly under wraps. However, one thing is clear: Disney is charting a course through familiar waters with an eye towards new horizons, aiming to captivate audiences once again with the magic of Moana.


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November 23, 2016

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