Shannen Doherty Candidly Tells Kevin Smith That Mallrats Killed Her Movie Career



  • Shannen Doherty believes that Mallrats‘ failure at the box office killed her movie career and was seen as her fault.
  • Despite the film’s poor performance, Mallrats has gained a strong following over time, leading to talks of a potential sequel.
  • The progress of Mallrats 2 has been slow due to rights issues, but Kevin Smith may have something up his sleeve for its production.

Mallrats is considered one of Kevin Smith’s iconic cult classics that sits alongside his other View Askewniverse movies such as Clerks, but it wasn’t always that way as Shannen Doherty knows very well. Speaking to Smith on her Let’s Be Clear podcast, the Charmed star candidly told the director that the movie killed her movie career before it started thanks to its failure at the box office.

Doherty appeared in Mallrats alongside Smith, Jason Lee, Jason Mewes, Brian O’Halloran and Ben Affleck, but believes that the movie’s failure was seen as being all on her thanks to people thinking that she was “carrying the movie.” Despite having a budget of only $6.1 million, the film took just $2.1 million, half of which came from its opening weekend, and its reviews were less than favorable thanks to the film being compared to Clerks by many critics.

Sharing her thoughts on how the 1995 movie’s dismal performance impacted her career, Doherty said:

“It died. So did my film career. That was it. That was it. People literally thought that I was carrying the movie so therefore it was a box office failure it was completely on me. So there was no film career after that, which was a little brutal. I really thought Mallrats was going to kick me into that gear [of making movies.]”

Mallrats is a buddy comedy film, and serves as a prequel to Clerks. The plot revolves around two friends, Brodie and T.S., who, after being dumped by their girlfriends, spend their day at a mall, encountering various characters from the View Askewniverse and ultimately attempting to win back their exes.

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Will Mallrats 2 Happen?

Jason Lee (left) as Brodie Bruce and Jeremy London (right) as T.S. Quint in Mallrats.
Universal Studios

Although it seemed unthinkable at the time of Mallrats’ release that there would ever be talk of a sequel, funny things happen to flop movies over time, and Mallrats built up a strong following based on its success on home video and Smith’s subsequent movies.

What this means is that there is every chance that Mallrats could get a legacy sequel some 30 years after its initial release. In Smith’s Clerks III, Ethan Suplee made a cameo appearance as his Mallrats character William Black, instigating questions about whether Mallrats 2 could be part of Smith’s future plans. Back in December 2022, Smith suggested that the sequel, dubbed Twilight of the Mallrats, was starting to gain some traction and could possibly go into production in 2023.

Although Clerks III performed well, and Lionsgate seemed to be on board a potential return to the Mallrats franchise – according to Smith – there have been very few updates on the progress of the movie. The last update came in March 2023, when Suplee and his Mallrats costar Joey Lauren Adams appeared at Steel City Con and suggested that Smith was ready to go, but the rights were proving to be an issue. Suplee said at the time:

“All I’ve heard about Mallrats 2 is that I believe Kevin wrote a script and he asked a bunch of people if they would do it. Everybody, from what I was told, said yes. And then the rights are tied up at Universal and that Universal is not saying yes to making the movie. That’s what I’ve heard about Mallrats.”

Will Mallrats 2 ever be made? The one thing everyone knows is never to bet against Kevin Smith, as the director probably has something up his sleeve and will pull out his ace when the time is right.


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