Keanu Reeves Reveals He Sent a Letter to Lance Reddick Thanking Him for John Wick’s Popularity



  • Keanu Reeves credits Lance Reddick’s character Charon for the success of the
    John Wick
    franchise in a heartfelt letter.
  • Reeves and Reddick shared a deep affection for each other both on and off-screen while working on the films.
  • Lance Reddick made a lasting impact with his performances and was praised for his kindness, talent, and creative fire.

Following being awarded the inaugural Lance Reddick Legacy Award at the Saturn Awards, John Wick star Keanu Reeves has shared a story about a letter he sent to his dear, departed co-star, in which he credited Reddick’s character Charon with the success of the action franchise. Speaking with People, Reeves talked about the friendship that he shared with Reddick, and once told him in a letter that “People love John Wick because Charon loves John Wick.”

“I once told him…Well, actually I wrote him a letter, and I said, ‘People love John Wick because Charon loves John Wick.’ Because that character loved John Wick, that made John Wick okay. And so when I got to act with him, we had such an affection.”

Reeves pondered the success of the John Wick series, saying that he thinks both he and Lance Reddick knew it was “a once-in-a-lifetime project,” and reflected on the affection that he and his co-star had for each other both on and off-screen.

“The characters had such an affection, and off-screen, we had such an affection and just really enjoying working on the ‘John Wick’ films, our characters, getting to work with Chad [Stahelski] and on that series. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime project. I think he knew that. I knew it. And we just loved working together on it.”

Keanu Reeves Received the Lance Reddick Legacy Award at the Recent Saturn Awards

Reeves recently took to the stage to pay tribute to the late Lance Reddick, who sadly passed away on March 17, 2023, from heart disease, aged 60. Reeves was awarded the first Lance Reddick Legacy Award at the Saturn Awards, with the John Wick star holding back tears as he praised his friend and fellow actor.

“For over 25 years, Lance made an imprint and raised the bar in every work of art and genre he was in. Not only with his performance, but with the man he was. Kind, generous, creative, insightful, authentic. He had a special grace. Strength, along with a vulnerability that drew us in, supported us, inspired us. He had a fire. Creative fire. A light from within him that could not be denied.”


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Lance Reddick played Charon, the concierge at the Continental Hotel in New York, throughout the John Wick franchise, often helping Reeves’ titular assassin with his dog and even occasionally taking out adversaries alongside the hitman.

One of Reddick’s final roles was as Charon in John Wick: Chapter 4, which was subsequently dedicated to him. Several projects featuring Reddick have since been released posthumously, including White Men Can’t Jump and The Caine Mutiny Court-Martial, the Disney+ series Percy Jackson and the Olympians, with Reddick also reportedly having filmed scenes as Charon for the upcoming John Wick spinoff, Ballerina.

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