James Gunn Teases Possibility of Teen Titans & Plastic Man Joining DCU



  • Concerning the rumors that Plastic Man, Supergirl’s friend Ruthye, and the Teen Titans might appear in the DC Universe, James Gunn says, “At least one of those things is not true.”
  • Darren Aronofsky is rumored to be in talks to direct a potential
    Plastic Man
    movie in the DCU.
  • There is a real possibility that the Teen Titans could join the DCU, given that Robin (Damian Wayne) is already confirmed to appear in
    The Brave and the Bold
    movie featuring Batman.

James Gunn is caught up in the full vigor of the rumor mill yet again. Yesterday, a social media user posted three photographs representing gossip that is swirling about Gunn and Peter Safran’s DC Universe. And, as only Gunn can do, the CEO of DC Studios cryptically addressed the possibility of Plastic Man, Supergirl’s friend, Ruthye Marye Knoll, and the Teen Titans joining the big-screen comic book world. The discussion began when @khoila21 (via Threads) posted the following three images:

Gunn responded almost immediately without truly giving away anything. The CEO of DC Studios wrote (via Threads):

AT LEAST one of those things is not true. Have fun guessing! 😂🫡🧜‍♂️

Well, as per usual, Gunn won’t officially confirm or deny the rumors revolving around Ruthye, Plastic Man and the Teen Titans. When it comes to finding someone to portray Supergirl’s, aka Kara Zor-El, friend Ruthye Marye Knoll from the comic books — if that rumor is even true — here’s how the critical character is described in contrast to the Woman of Tomorrow (per DC.com):

“Ruthye is verbose, opinionated and observant, revealing her thoughts through what we assume is a written chronicle of the adventure that’s conveyed in a personable, old-fashioned style that suits the rural, alien farmland from which she comes. In contrast, Supergirl seems fairly quiet, speaking only when necessary and adopting the form of the quiet frontier hero in a story that boasts a clear Western influence.”

Plastic Man and Teen Titans DCU Rumors

Oscar-nominated director (Black Swan) Darren Aronofsky is rumored to be in talks to helm a potential Plastic Man movie in the DCU. And while Aronofsky has never directed a superhero film for DC or Marvel Studios, he does have some impressive credits attached to his resume, including The Wrestler, Mother! and The Whale. For those fans who aren’t all that familiar with Patrick “Eel” O’Brian, aka Plastic Man, he is a crook-turned-hero capable of incredible transformations. Check out the official description of Plastic Man (per DC.com):

“Eel abandoned crime, becoming the pun-dropping, wise-cracking Plastic Man. Able to morph into anything — a table, a countertop, even a woman’s dress — he can bounce, stretch, and repel any foe. No weapon as sharp as his wit, he’ll introduce jocular justice to humanity’s darker side as the premiere amalgam of humor, action, and heroism.”

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Lastly, there’s the rumor that the Teen Titans could join the DCU. Next to casting Ruthye Marye Knoll in Supergirl: Woman of Tomorrow, which seems like a must since she’s integral to the comic book series of the same name, this seems like a real possibility. After all, The Brave and the Bold movie has already been announced, and it will feature Batman and his son, Damian Wayne, who is Robin. However, there have been several different Robins associated with the Titans over the years. Most notably, Dick Grayson — the original Boy Wonder — led the superhero group as both Robin and Nightwing. The third Robin, Tim Drake, also served with the team.

But in the end, though, these are just rumors until James Gunn and/or Peter Safran say otherwise. For a list of all the confirmed projects scheduled to appear in the upcoming DCU, be sure to check out Gunn’s official announcement of the DC Universe below:

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