Avengers Star Says Solo Hulk Movie Will Not Happen in the MCU



  • Mark Ruffalo has seemingly confirmed that there will not be a standalone MCU Hulk movie, disappointing fans who were hoping for a World War Hulk storyline.
  • Although a standalone movie is not happening, there are still opportunities for Hulk to be included in upcoming stories and have a big storyline in the future.
  • Marvel Studios has a history of incorporating major comic book stories into the MCU, so elements of the World War Hulk story could potentially be included in other movies to satisfy fans.

Will Mark Ruffalo ever get to Hulk out in his own MCU solo movie? Not if his latest update on the matter is to be believed. Despite many rumors of Marvel setting up a World War Hulk storyline, according to the man behind the MCU’s green giant, things are not looking good for him ever getting to tell a stand-alone story about Bruce Banner.

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Ruffalo recently appeared at the Santa Barbara International Film Festival, and was specifically asked about his character’s status and shared a disappointing view for those still holding out hope of Hulk getting his own MCU movie. Ruffalo said:

Yeah. Kevin [Feige] was like, ‘What would you like to do?’ And he said, ‘What would you do if you had a standalone Hulk movie?’ I said, ‘Well, I’d like to take him from this raging maniac to kind of this integrated character.’ And he’s like, ‘Okay. We’ll do that over the course of four movies. We’ll never give you a standalone Hulk…I Don’t mean to burst your bubble, but that’s just not going to [happen.] So, we’ll do it over four movies, how does that sound?’ As far as I know. [when asked if it’s still true that Marvel Studios doesn’t want to do a Hulk movie.] I can talk more about it, but I’ve been told not to.

From his original appearance as the unregulated and often uncontrolled member of the Avengers, through to his appearance as Smart Hulk in Avengers:Endgame and She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, Ruffalo’s Hulk has undergone several changes, but fans have still been crying out for him to bring the World War Hulk story to screens. Whether that happens is now up for debate, but even if Hulk doesn’t get a solo movie, there are still opportunities for him to be included in upcoming stories.

Mark Ruffalo’s Hulk Can Tell His Story in Other Movies

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Marvel Studios have always been on top of how to incorporate some of Marvel Comics’ biggest stories into the even-progressing universe they have put on screen. While there seems to be a conscious effort to begin breaking out the MCU into various branches such as the more mature and grounded story being set up in Echo and the upcoming Daredevil: Born Again, that doesn’t mean that the overarching PG-13 world the MCU has mostly inhabited will not continue to draw from various narratives in one way or another.

While it seems unlikely that World War Hulk will happen in its own right, there is a strong chance that elements of that story could be pulled into other upcoming movies in order to satisfy that itch. There have been plenty of rumors that Chris Hemsworth’s Thor is ready to bow out of the franchise in the near future, but Ruffalo has shown no such intention of leaving Bruce Banner behind just yet, and has made plenty of fleeting appearances to suggest that Hulk will still have a big storyline to come in the future, even if that ends up being as part of someone else’s movie in the style of his appearance in Thor: Ragnarok.

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