Every Horror Movie Releasing in February 2024


Whether it’s Halloween season or a month after New Year’s Eve, there is no better time for a good horror movie than when you’re in the mood for a few jump scares, and a passion for eerie stories is all we need. For this reason, horror is one of the most appealing genres in modern cinema, thanks to a slew of classics such as Evil Dead and a few contemporary masterpieces like Hereditary and Smile.

In January 2024, several horror films, including Night Swim, The Unsettling, and The Mummy Murders, were released. With the intention of providing moviegoers with a similar experience in February, a few more highly anticipated horror films are set to be released. Although there are only a few releases, both feature exceptional concepts that will pique your interest solely based on their premise. So, without further ado, here is a list of every horror movie releasing in February 2024.

Lisa Frankenstein

Watch it in Theaters on Feb. 9

Horror romantic comedies have always sparked the interest of many people around the world, and they comprise a plethora of original concepts. Lisa Frankenstein is a much-anticipated horror/romance/comedy and Zelda Williams’ directorial debut. Williams has been a significant figure in the entertainment industry, having appeared in over 30 films since her debut in In Search of Dr. Seuss in 1994. She has also directed several music videos, including JoJo: Lonely Hearts and Anna Clendening. Her most well-known work, however, is her short film, Shrimp, which showcased her directorial talents.

Meanwhile, Diablo Cody, an Academy Award winner, is in charge of the film’s screenplay. Based on the popular premise of Frankenstein movies, Lisa Frankenstein follows the titular character, Lisa Swallows – a misunderstood teenage girl obsessed with finding a perfect boyfriend. On a rainy night, when a lightning storm strikes her hometown, she unintentionally triggers the revival of a handsome young man from the Victorian era.

With little resolve and a lot of fascination, Lisa proceeds to sculpt her ideal partner from this malfunctioning corpse, gradually turning insane over time. Their whimsical journey eventually leads the two into complicated situations in which murder is the least surprising thing she finds herself committed to doing. The film stars Kathryn Newton (Big Little Lies), Liza Soberano (Trese), Jenna Davis (M3GAN), Paola Andino (Every Witch Way), and Cole Sprouse (Riverdale).

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Out of Darkness

Watch it in Theaters on Feb. 9

Out of Darkness
Out of Darkness

Release Date
February 9, 2024

Andrew Cumming
Chuku Modu , Kit Young , Iola Evans , Safia Oakley-Green

We’ve seen horror films set in all sorts of time periods, but it’s not often that we get a horror film set in the Stone Age. Out of Darkness, filmed in the Wester Ross region of the United Kingdom, is written by Ruth Greenberg, who makes her screenwriting debut, and directed by Andrew Cumming, who has previously helmed several successful television series, such as Cold Feet, River City, and Payback.

The newly released trailer for Out of Darkness has disclosed most of its narrative, including that it is set in 43,000 B.C. In the film, six travelers arrive in a desolate landscape, hoping to make it their new, safe home. However, as night falls, they realize that they have trespassed on the territory of an unknown entity, which begins to hunt them down one by one. While it’s unclear whether they’re being haunted by a prehistoric beast or a terrifying ghost, the trailer featured a group of hostile humans who appear cannibalistic.

The film originally premiered at the 2022 London Film Festival and garnered several favorable reviews, as well as nominations in various categories at the British Independent Awards. Out of Darkness, starring Chuku Modu as Adem, Kit Young as Gerr, Iola Evans as Ave, Luna Mwezi as Heron, Arno Luning as Odal, and Safia Oakley-Green as Beyah, will hopefully be a horror film that will make you scream, thanks to its Stone Age setting.


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Since it takes place in 43,000 B.C., the creators took a novel approach, having the cast speak a different language reflecting prehistoric cultures. Reportedly, the language was developed from the ground up with the help of world-renowned archaeologists and linguists, making it more authentic rather than forced.

While these are the horror films coming out in February 2024, there are a few intriguing TV series that you might be interested in. A Killer Paradox, a Korean drama starring Choi Woo Shik, will be released on Feb. 9, and yet another The Walking Dead spinoff, The Ones Who Live, will be available via AMC Networks’s streaming platforms.

Furthermore, Winnie the Pooh: Blood and Honey 2, the sequel to the 2023 horror film, will also be released in February, but exclusively in Russia. Other audiences living in Western countries can watch it in March 2024. Additionally, if you love horror, check out all the movies coming to Shudder in February 2024.

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