New Game of Thrones Spinoff Will Be Penned by The Batman Writer



  • HBO is betting on a new
    Game of Thrones
    spinoff called Aegon’s Conquest, centered around Aegon Targaryen’s quest to unite Westeros.
  • The series aims to capture the essence of fantasy storytelling and reignite the magic that attracted fans to the original show.
  • Despite uncertainties in the development process, HBO’s past successes suggest that Aegon’s Conquest could be the next crown jewel in its programming lineup.

HBO is placing a strategic wager on a new Game of Thrones spinoff penned by Mattson Tomlin, known for his work on The Batman and its forthcoming sequel. The new series, titled Game of Thrones: Aegon’s Conquest, will once again try to conquer the audience with a fresh chapter in the saga.

According to, “Aegon’s Conquest” promises to transport viewers back to the turbulent times preceding the events of the original series and “House of the Dragon,” focusing on Aegon Targaryen’s ambitious campaign to forge a unified Westeros. Aegon’s historical feat of uniting six of the seven kingdoms under his rule, with the elusive Dorne remaining unconquered, lays the groundwork for what is poised to be a riveting narrative. This prequel will pivot around the creation of King’s Landing and the Iron Throne, cornerstones of the Game of Thrones narrative.

The approach of the new series, focusing on the essence of fantasy storytelling, aims to reignite the spark that initially drew fans to Game of Thrones. This strategy raises intriguing questions about the narrative and visual direction HBO intends to take, especially in the wake of varied receptions to its successor projects. George R.R. Martin’s vast universe offers an abundance of narratives, presenting the challenge of replicating the magic of the original series.

Game of Thrones Spinoffs We Would Like to See

House of Dragon is the first Game of Thrones spinoff to come to HBO. Here are a few other stories we’d like to see spinoffs of.

The Game of Thrones franchise under HBO has experienced a spectrum of outcomes, from triumphs to setbacks and speculative ventures. From the successful launch of House of the Dragon to the shelving of potential series like “The Long Night,” the network’s journey through Westeros has been anything but straightforward. Yet, with Casey Bloys, HBO’s chairman and CEO, emphasizing the network’s cautious but optimistic approach to expanding the franchise, fans might find reassurance in the knowledge that quality and narrative integrity are guiding principles in the development process. Bloys said:

“I think with a show like this, when somebody reads that something is in development, there becomes an expectation that that is being shot, which is not the case. So right now the only two things that are greenlit are House of the Dragon, obviously, and The Hedge Night. There are a lot of other projects in development but I don’t have anything imminent to report.”

HBO’s Game of Thrones Saga Continues Amid Triumphs and Trials

The evolving preferences of viewers for complex, character-centric sagas underscore HBO’s commitment to the Game of Thrones saga, showcasing the timeless allure of masterful narrative craft. Aegon’s Conquest could revitalize the beloved universe and, at the same time, set new precedents for fantasy storytelling on television.

Yet, the path from concept to screen is fraught with uncertainties. The development process, as Bloys pointed out, is often misunderstood by eager audiences, leading to premature expectations. With only House of the Dragon and The Hedge Knight currently greenlit, the fate of Aegon’s Conquest remains to be seen. However, if HBO’s past successes are anything to go by, the network’s latest venture into the lands of ice and fire may well be the next crown jewel in its programming lineup, offering a rich, immersive experience that reignites the passion of fans and newcomers alike.

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