Fool Me Once: Should We Expect a Second Season of Netflix’s New Series?



  • Netflix’s Fool Me Once is a gripping murder mystery with enough twists and turns to keep viewers hooked.
  • The series follows ex-army officer Maya Stern as she investigates the truth behind her husband’s death and uncovers a web of corruption.
  • Although there likely won’t be a second season, more Harlan Coben adaptations are on the way as part of Netflix’s Harlan Coben Collection.

Netflix’s Fool Me Once made its debut on January 1, 2024. Ringing in the year with a gripping murder mystery, the series is an addition to the streamer’s Harlan Coben Collection. Taking to screens as a Netflix limited series, Fool Me Once comprises eight episodes, each less than an hour. Despite the limited length of the series, Fool Me Once packs enough punches and twists and turns to keep viewers hooked.

The series, adapted for television by Danny Brocklehurst, is directed by David Moore and Nimer Rashed. Starring in the lead role of Maya Stern in the thriller is Michelle Keegan. The actress is joined by those including Richard Armitage in the role of Joe Burkett, Maya’s husband, Joanna Lumley as Judith Burkett, Joe’s mother, and Adeel Akhtar as DS Sami Kierce. Owing to the performance of its cast and gripping storyline, Fool Me Once has risen to the top of the Netflix charts in just a few days since its release. Fans of the series have also been questioning whether the first season’s success warrants a second season of the show.

What Is Fool Me Once About?

Fool Me Once
Fool Me Once

Release Date
January 1, 2024



Fool Me Once follows ex-army officer Maya Stern as she grapples with the grief and challenges of being newly widowed. Her husband, Joe Burkett, is shot and killed in a park with the assailants at large. Maya is thrown into further turmoil when the presumed-dead Joe appears well and alive on footage of the nanny cam placed in her daughter’s room. Is Joe alive? Was his death faked? On a hunt for answers, Maya begins digging, and the plot of Fool Me Once begins to unravel.

Appearing to be a thrilling but simple murder mystery in its opening episodes, Fool Me Once throws fans into a web of confusion as more and more details are revealed. Confusion soon morphs into shock as the narrative of the show plunges fans into one crazy plot twist after another. The seemingly grieving widow is not who she appears to be, and Maya’s sister, Claire, was not murdered in a simple robbery gone wrong.

How Does Fool Me Once Season One End?

The ending of Fool Me Once season one sees more shocking revelations than viewers could expect from a limited series. Maya’s hunt for the truth reveals that Claire was, in fact, murdered by Joe. Her husband, a part of the powerful Burkett empire, killed Claire to stop her from revealing the truth about defective medicine manufactured by the Burkett pharmaceutical company. The medicine, which does more harm than good, has adverse side effects, leading to neurological issues and possible death. In an almost ironic twist, viewers learn that these same drugs cause DS Sami Kierce’s issues of blacking out.

In an even bigger twist, viewers also learn that, similarly to Claire’s death, Joe’s murder was also not a crime gone wrong. He was killed by his wife, Maya. When Maya confirms that her sister was killed by a bullet from the gun owned by her and Joe, she confronts Joe in a park. Despite denying the murder at first, Joe admits his crime and pulls a gun on Maya, intending to kill her. However, Maya had swapped guns, replacing Joe’s with a fake, before inviting him to meet at the park. Armed with the actual weapon, Maya shoots Joe, killing him.

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Fool Me Once doesn’t simply stop at revealing the answer to the most central plot in the series, the identity of Joe’s killer. Instead, it goes a step further, with Maya confronting the Burkett family with all the information she holds about their corruption and deceit. Deciding to go out with a bang (pun intended), the series then delivers what is perhaps its most shocking twist. Maya is shot and killed, and her death is live-streamed to a global audience.

After her confrontation with the Burketts, Maya is shot and killed by Neil, who does so in an attempt to stop her from revealing Burkett secrets. Little does he know that a nanny cam strategically placed by Maya has just broadcast her murder and confessions of the family to the world.

Should There Be a Second Season of Fool Me Once?

It is highly unlikely that Fool Me Once will be renewed for a second season. The show’s conclusion was neatly wrapped, with all loose ends tied, leaving no room for a follow-up season. Following the live stream via the nanny cam, all Burkett secrets, including those about the defective medicine and the fact that Joe killed Theo Mora and his brother Andrew, are revealed. This results in the remaining family members being imprisoned. Joe’s killer, Maya, is now dead, effectively closing the storyline.

A flashforward to eighteen years later offers fans a wholesome picture of what life has been like for Maya’s family and friends after her death. Detective Kierce has recovered from the illnesses and hallucinations caused by Burkett medication and is now living a healthy life. He has a grown son with his wife, Molly. Abiding by what Maya asked of him, Eddie has assumed custody of Lily after her mother’s death and is still a part of her life.

His own children are now grown, with families of their own. Shane Tessier, Maya’s long-time friend and confidante, is still part of their lives. The series ends with a bittersweet scene of Kierce, Eddie, and Tessier surrounding a now-grown Lily, who has just given birth to her own daughter. Her daughter, in a sweet tribute to the lead character of the series, is named Maya.


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The fact that Fool Me Once was, from the start, destined to be a limited series also dashes hopes of the show getting a second season. With no avenues left to explore and the adaption having exhausted its source material, viewers should not expect a continuation of the series.

Despite the lack of a second season of Fool Me Once, this does not mean other Harlan Coben adaptations will not make their way onto Netflix. As per the author’s contract with the streamer, Fool Me Once will soon be followed with more thrilling adaptations. As of now, the Harlan Coben Collection on Netflix comprises series including Fool Me Once, The Stranger, Safe, Stay Close, Hold Tight, The Innocent, The Woods, and Gone for Good. Fool Me Once is available to stream on Netflix now.

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