Best Fast and Furious Movie to Watch First, According to Christopher Nolan



  • Christopher Nolan, director of
    , confesses his love for the
    Fast and Furious
    franchise and recommends starting with
    Tokyo Drift
  • Tokyo Drift
    is a debated film in the saga, but it introduces Han, one of the most beloved characters in the series.
  • The future of the
    Fast and Furious
    franchise is uncertain, with rumors of changes to the story and the potential absence of Dwayne Johnson in the next film.

Christopher Nolan once again confesses that he is a fan of the Fast and Furious saga, and recommends the best way to watch them, starting with one of the most criticized films in the franchise.

The director of Oppenheimer, who is in the running to win his first Oscar after the enormous success of the biopic of the father of the atomic bomb, had already spoken about the popular film saga starring Vin Diesel. And now, he once again demonstrates his fanaticism, even sorting where to start for those both returning to and new to the franchise.

In a recent interview on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Nolan confessed that he doesn’t feel any guilt for enjoying Fast and Furious, and was surprised that the host had never seen them:

“I have no guilt about being a fan of Fast and Furious. [It’s] a tremendous action franchise… I watch those movies all the time. I love them! I am amazed you’ve never seen one.”

But that was not all. The director also recommended to Colbert how to start watching them:

“You do not need to watch them all in one sitting. It’s only the last few [installments] where a very specific arc of mythology starts to develop… I would start with [part three] Tokyo Drift, and just watch that as its own thing, to warm you up.”

Tokyo Drift, released in 2006, is one of the most debated films in the saga since it does not star Vin Diesel or the late Paul Walker. Instead, the story is set in Japan and follows a young man named Sean, who is forced to live with his father there because of the problems he is having at school in America. Once in Japan, he enters the world of street racing, getting involved with the Yakuza.

The most important thing about the film, besides Diesel’s brief appearance at the end, is the introduction of Han, one of the most beloved characters in the entire saga, who connects almost all the movies.

The Uncertain Future of Fast and Furious

Universal Pictures

Despite the fact that the eleventh installment of the franchise is already confirmed, Fast X was not the smash hit that Universal Pictures imagined, so what will happen with the next and allegedly last film of the main saga is a real mystery.

At the end of the latest movie, Dominic Toretto and his son end up trapped after escaping from Jason Momoa’s Dante Reyes, teasing a final showdown between the new villain and the saga’s great hero. In addition, the surprising return of Dwayne Johnson in a brief scene left the door open for his appearance in the next film, and in another one that was announced shortly after the premiere of Fast X.


Fast and Furious Director Breaks Silence on His Sudden Fast X Departure

Director Justin Lin has spoken about his shocking departure from Fast X almost two years after he left the production.

However, recent rumors indicate that the studio wants to change much of the story they had planned for the final chapter, eliminating Momoa’s character, and refocusing the plot on street races and robberies, the subject the franchise was initially about. This could mean that Johnson’s character would no longer have a reason to appear in Fast 11.

In fact, The Rock has other projects on the way, such as two potential appearances in Moana movies, and his next film with A24, where he will play MMA fighter Mark Kerr. So, it is hard to say if he’ll be part of Fast & Furious 11 or not, which currently has a release date set for April 4th, 2025.

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