Extraction’s Director Sam Hargrave Takes the Reins of Paramount’s New Thriller ‘Kill Them All’



  • Sam Hargrave, known for his directorial skills in Extraction, is set to direct the adaptation of the intense and fast-paced graphic novel Kill Them All.
  • This project marks a departure from Hargrave’s previous gritty, real-world scenarios, and instead focuses on a formidable female assassin seeking revenge on a criminal organization.
  • Paramount Pictures’ decision to bring Hargrave on board reflects their commitment to high-quality action films, and the involvement of Kyle M. Starks promises to preserve the original spirit of the graphic novel.

Extraction‘s Sam Hargrave is now gearing up to direct the adaptation of Kill Them All, a graphic novel by Kyle M. Starks. This project is set to be produced under the Paramount Pictures banner.

Per Deadline, Hargrave’s latest venture, Kill Them All, is a departure from the gritty, real-world scenarios of Extraction. The narrative of the graphic novel is intense and fast-paced, revolving around a formidable female assassin. In response to the treachery from the criminal organization she was dedicated to, she plans an anticipatory attack. The story unfolds through a series of explosive encounters as she makes her way through the syndicate’s headquarters, aiming to confront the Boss, with whom she shares a complex history. The tale is an intricate blend of vengeance, survival, and the inevitable confrontations that come with betrayal.

The release of Extraction on Netflix marked the beginning of widespread recognition for Hargrave’s directorial skills, particularly in creating visually stunning and emotionally resonant action sequences. Extraction, which debuted during the challenging times of the 2020 pandemic, became an instant hit, setting the bar high for action films. It’s no surprise then that Extraction 2 mirrored this success, captivating global audiences and dominating Netflix viewership charts across 90 countries.

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Paramount Pictures’ decision to bring Hargrave on board for this project underscores their commitment to delivering high-quality action films. Josh Appelbaum and André Nemec of Saw Mill are set to produce the film, while James Coyne is adapting the screenplay. Additionally, Oni Press, the graphic novel’s initial publisher, serves as an executive producer to maintain the original work’s integrity in the movie adaptation.

As an associate producer, Kyle M. Starks’ involvement promises to infuse the film with the original spirit and vision of his work. Known for combining dark humor with action, his graphic novel’s distinctive elements are likely to play a key role in its film adaptation.

Hargrave’s Upcoming The Last Frontier and Kill Them All Showcase His Directorial Versatility

Hargrave’s transition from stunt coordinator to director has been remarkable. His unique ability to direct complex action sequences in a single take has both distinguished him in the film industry and transformed the action genre. His upcoming project, The Last Frontier for Apple TV+, further demonstrates his versatility and range as a director.

With Kill Them All, Hargrave is poised to deliver yet another thrilling cinematic experience. The film’s unique story, combined with Hargrave’s trademark directing, is poised to engage audiences, akin to his past successes. This reflects a shift in action cinema, where the emphasis is not only on thrilling chases and dramatic explosions but also on the nuanced development of characters and their intricate motivations.

As Hargrave prepares to bring Kill Them All to life on the big screen, his trajectory from a stuntman to a director who is reshaping action cinema is not just inspiring but also indicative of the changing tides in Hollywood.

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