Evil Dead Director Says Spin-Off Could Drop in 2025



  • Director Sébastien Vaniček says his
    Evil Dead
    spin-off could open in theaters just in time for Halloween 2025.
  • Vaniček expresses his desire to make a brutal and cathartic horror film, and hopes that its success will open doors for him to explore genres outside of horror in the future.
  • Evil Dead Rise
    was a financial success, earning $147 million worldwide, thanks in no small part to some of its memorable dialogue, including: “Mommy’s with the maggots now.”

How groovy is this, Ash? French filmmaker Sébastien Vaniček has been tasked with directing a brand-new Evil Dead spin-off movie, which he promises will be “a film that hurts.” Vaniček also revealed that producer and Evil Dead creator Sam Raimi is giving him “100% creative freedom” and allowing for a “French twist” to be incorporated into the 40+ year Evil Dead legacy. Plus, Vaniček said his spin-off could start filming later this year and be ready for release by Halloween of 2025. Vaniček told Bloody Disgusting:

If all goes well, we could start filming at the end of 2024 — beginning of 2025, for a release that I hope for Halloween 2025.

Vaniček said in the same interview:

“I told the studio that I wanted to make a nasty film. A film that hurts from which you come away tested. I’m going to put all the horror I have inside [in the movie]. It will be cathartic. And if I haven’t ruined my career — and I can continue to make films behind it — I will move on to something other than horror!”

The Evil Dead

Release Date
September 10, 1981
Bruce Campbell , Ellen Sandweiss , Richard DeManincor , Betsy Baker , Theresa Tilly , Philip A. Gillis


Can they be stopped?

The director most recently helmed his first feature-length horror film, Vermin, aka Vermines, but he’s also worked on several shorts, including 299 792 458 m/s, Mayday and Crocs. And he will continue a thriving legacy that most recently stormed the box office with 2023’s Evil Dead Rise.

‘Mommy’s with the Maggots Now’

deadite ellie is fully turned and looks beside her in evil dead rise
Warner Bros. Pictures

What began on the big screen with a small indie film called The Evil Dead in 1981 spawned a horror franchise boasting a 40+ year legacy and one of the genre’s most memorable and charismatic heroes, Ash Williams (Bruce Campbell). But even without the chainsaw-wielding, wildly quotable and groovy Ash, 2023’s Evil Dead Rise became the series’ most lucrative Silver Screen entry.

Evil Dead Rise made an impressive $147 million at the worldwide box office during its theatrical run. And while the horror film performed well domestically with $67.2 million, director Lee Cronin’s turn at the helm made even more money overseas with $79.8 million.

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Cronin even discussed that beautifully infamous line of dialogue: “Mommy’s with the maggots now.” That sort of well-written dialogue, along with stellar storytelling and some exceptional filmmaking skills, helped Evil Dead Rise achieve so much success. Cronin said in an exclusive interview with RogerEbert.com:

“When her child — in this case, Danny — is speaking to her in disbelief but also hopes that she’s still alive, there’s a confusion there, and she sticks the psychological knife right in him. I love that line. I remember, with ‘Mommy’s with the maggots now,’ I really hoped it would end up on a T-shirt someday. And lo and behold, it’s now on a T-shirt. So, it definitely landed.”

Sébastien Vaniček’s
Evil Dead
spin-off could drop in theaters as soon as Halloween 2025. And fans can check out Cronin’s
Evil Dead Rise
, which is streaming on Max, at the time of this writing.

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