Eternals Actor Barry Keoghan Unveils His Vision for the Sequel Film



  • Barry Keoghan, who played Druig in Eternals, desires a more focused narrative on his character in a potential sequel, exploring Druig’s darker, villainous aspects from the comics.
  • Keoghan emphasizes the importance of humanizing superhero characters and delving into the moral gray areas and complexities that surround them.
  • The uncertainty surrounding Eternals 2 and the cast’s future fuels speculative discussions, highlighting the evolving nature of superhero movies and the potential for character-focused storytelling in the MCU.

MCU’s 2021 Eternals carved out a unique space with its ambitious storytelling and diverse cast. Barry Keoghan, who portrayed the enigmatic Druig, expresses his desire for a more focused narrative on his character in a potential sequel. The 2021 film, directed by Chloe Zhao, an Oscar-winning filmmaker, presented a novel take on superhero narratives, spanning across centuries. Despite the mixed reviews and debates it sparked among fans and critics alike, the intrigue around its sequel remains high.

Keoghan, known for his compelling performance in Saltburn, recently shared his thoughts in a video with GQ. He expressed a keen interest in exploring a film centered around Druig, especially highlighting the character’s darker, more villainous aspects from the comics. Keoghan imagines a storyline where Druig exploits his mind-controlling powers without any particular motive, emphasizing the importance of humanizing these superhero characters. By his approach, he alludes to an intensive scrutiny of the moral gray areas and complexities that shroud these legendary figures.

While the buzz around Eternals 2 continues to grow, Marvel Studios has maintained silence regarding any official confirmation of a sequel. This lack of confirmation extends to Zhao’s future involvement with Marvel, as she herself has remained tight-lipped in recent interviews. Speaking with THR, Zhao emphasized the challenge of satisfying a global audience and the importance of staying true to one’s vision amidst differing opinions. Her focus on authenticity and personal growth within the context of global storytelling resonates with the ethos of the MCU.

Adding to the mix of speculations was Patton Oswalt, who voiced Pip the Troll in Eternals. Oswalt initially hinted at a sequel in the making but later retracted his statement, admitting to being misled by internet rumors. His comments, as reported by Empire Magazine, underline the often speculative nature of film development, especially within a franchise as closely watched as the MCU.

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Barry Keoghan’s Vision for Druig: Steering Eternals Towards a Character-Driven Future

Despite the uncertainty surrounding Eternals 2, the original film continues to find its audience, now available for streaming on Disney+. Its unique approach to superhero cinema — delving into themes of immortality, morality, and human evolution — sets it apart within the MCU. Whether or not a sequel materializes, Eternals has undoubtedly left its mark on the landscape of superhero films.

As for Keoghan’s wishes for a Druig-centric film, it reflects a broader trend in the superhero genre — a shift towards more nuanced, character-driven narratives. This approach, focusing on individual characters and their internal struggles, offers a refreshing contrast to the traditional, action-heavy blockbuster formula. Keoghan’s vision for Druig aligns with this trend, promising a potentially intriguing and psychologically complex addition to the MCU.

The uncertain future of Eternals and its cast fuels speculative discussions, which emphasize the dynamic evolution of superhero movies through its narrative and potential sequels. Keoghan’s perspective on Druig’s potential arc not only aligns with the current trajectory of character-focused storytelling but also offers a glimpse into the diverse possibilities that lie ahead for the MCU.

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