Doctor Who Unveils Christmas Special’s Goblin King Musical Number – and It’s Nothing Like Labyrinth’s David Bowie



  • The Doctor’s first full episode featuring Ncuti Gatwa as the Time Lord introduces new companion Ruby Tuesday and features monstrous goblins and a musical showstopper.
  • Gatwa’s Doctor will face off against nasty goblins on a flying pirate ship, bringing a fresh and festive twist to the series.
  • The Goblin Song” from the Christmas Special has already reached the top of the UK’s iTunes chart, with proceeds going towards Children in Need.

Doctor Who’s unexpected regeneration of David Tennant into Ncuti Gatwa may only be a few days old, but attention has already turned to the Sex Education star’s first full episode as the Time Lord.

This has been elevated by the release of a centerpiece musical showstopper from the Christmas Special, which features a multitude of vicious goblins belting out a tune about eating a baby. Very festive. The video also includes a first look at a monstrous Goblin King that will make everyone realize just how reasonable Labyrinth’s Jareth aka David Bowie actually was.

Christmas Day will finally see The Doctor in a festive episode for the first time since 2017, when Peter Capaldi’s Twelfth Doctor regenerated into Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth, kick-starting a run of New Year specials across the following years. The episode, entitled The Church on Ruby Road, will not only give fans their first full adventure for Gatwa, but will introduce new companion Ruby Tuesday, played by former soap star Millie Gibson.

Having faced Daleks, Cybermen, killer snowmen, and many more fiendish foes around the festive season, Gatwa’s first encounter as The Doctor will be taking on a host of nasty goblins on board a flying pirate ship. Ahead of the special, fans can feast their eyes and ears on “The Goblin Song,” featuring a helpless baby being moved along a conveyor belt towards a truly diabolical looking Goblin King, all to be bouncing beat of a tune that has already hit the top the UK’s iTunes chart, displacing Christmas classics by Mariah Carey and The Pogues. However, it is all in a good cause, with money raised from the single’s release going towards this year’s Children in Need appeal. Check out the video below.

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Ncuti Gatwa’s Doctor Hits the Ground Running

The new era of Doctor Who, now with the backing of Disney Branded Television and the returning storytelling finesse of Russell T. Davies, is certainly ringing the changes and heralding a fresh start for the Time Lord after a ropey few years.

The 60th anniversary of Doctor Who, which first aired in 1963, saw the return of David Tennant to the role that made him a household name. The surprise return was made all the most special for the actor being reteamed with companion Donna Noble (Catherine Tate) and Russell T. Davies being back on the series as showrunner. However, that was just the beginning of unexpected twists and turns for the trio of celebratory episodes.

Last weekend, fans prepared to see David Tennant regenerate into his successor, but were shocked to see him instead “bi-generate,” with Gatwa’s Fifteenth Doctor fighting the Toymaker (Neil Patrick Harris) alongside his predecessor in a series first. This unique handover has led to Gatwa’s Doctor being given a clean slate, free of the burden he previously carried from face to face, and also allowed him to arrive as a fully formed character of his own, without needing to shake off his predecessor’s traits.

Doctor Who’s Christmas Special will air on BBC One and iPlayer on Christmas Day, and on Disney+ in the U.S.

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