Marvel Studios Confirms X-Men ’97 & Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man Debut Dates on Disney+



  • Marvel Studios announces animated lineup for 2024 on Disney+. X-Men ’97, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, and Eyes of Wakanda are set to captivate fans with nostalgic characters and new escapades. Excitement is building!
  • X-Men ’97 brings back beloved characters and introduces Magneto as the X-Men’s new leader, with Mister Sinister as the main antagonist. Get ready for a thrilling narrative that explores the future and challenges humanity.
  • Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man shines a light on new dimensions of his adventures, while Eyes of Wakanda remains mysterious. Marvel aims to enrich content, engage a wider audience, and surprise fans with this animated lineup.

Marvel Studios has unveiled its plans for an exciting 2024 lineup, exclusively on Disney+. Expanding its animated offerings, Marvel Studios is set to bring back the X-Men in X-Men ’97, introduce a novel Spider-Man series, Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man, and launch the mysterious Eyes of Wakanda.

The update comes as a contrast to Marvel Studios’ scaled-back film slate for 2024, which currently features only Deadpool 3. However, the animated domain seems to be thriving with creativity and nostalgia, promising a year filled with superhero adventures for Disney+ subscribers.

Eyes of Wakanda, a title that has sparked curiosity among fans, remains shrouded in mystery. While it’s rumored to be linked to Ryan Coogler’s ongoing work, concrete information about this connection is not yet available. This enigmatic series, alongside the other two animated projects, was spotlighted during a presentation of the upcoming second season of What If…? led by ComicBook.

In X-Men ’97, fans will reunite with characters such as Rogue and Wolverine, continuing the narrative from the iconic 90s series. With Professor Xavier gone, the story shifts to focus on Magneto as he assumes leadership of the X-Men. The team’s dynamic is set to change dramatically with the arrival of the challenging and impressive Mister Sinister as the main antagonist. X-Men ’97 head writer Beau DeMayo previously said:

“Sinister is back in a big way. He is going to be holding the X-Men’s fate in the fire and telling humanity…to face the future.”

Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man is the rebranded name of the earlier announced Spider-Man: Freshman Year. This rendition of Spider-Man promises to shine a light on new dimensions of his adventures, previously untouched in other adaptations.

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Marvel’s Animated Evolution: Reviving the X-Men, Refreshing Spider-Man, and Introducing ‘Eyes of Wakanda

Marvel’s strategy of reintroducing the X-Men and updating Spider-Man’s series is a key move to enrich its content and engage a wider audience in the animated genre. In addition to rekindling cherished memories among existing fans, these shows are intended to bring these famous characters to the attention of a new generation. The inclusion of Eyes of Wakanda in the lineup adds an intriguing element of surprise, leaving fans eagerly anticipating what Marvel Studios has in store.

As more details are awaited on when X-Men ’97 and Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man will be released, the excitement keeps mounting. With the unfolding of these series, audiences can expect to be mesmerized by the distinct storytelling, familiar characters, and new escapades that the expanding Marvel universe has to offer.

With What If…? Season 2 set to debut on Disney+ on December 22nd, the stage is set for a year of animated excitement and superhero thrills. The unique storytelling and familiar characters of these series, along with the allure of new adventures, are bound to engage audiences as the Marvel universe continues to grow.

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