Hugh Jackman “Fixes” Deadpool 3’s New Title; Ryan Reynolds Hypes Popcorn Buckets



  • Hugh Jackman playfully renames
    Deadpool 3
    as “Wolverine & Asshole” in a tongue-in-cheek response to the film’s trailer release.
  • Ryan Reynolds takes a dig at the recent controversy surrounding
    Dune: Part Two
    ‘s popcorn bucket, using it to his advantage in his own post.
  • Jackman disagrees with the “Best Friends” wording on the shared image, challenging the notion that Deadpool and Wolverine are indeed best friends.

As the world tuned into the first trailer for Deadpool 3 – now titled Deadpool & WolverineHugh Jackman was too busy working on a little adjustment to the new name of the film, and he was keen to share it online soon after the trailer dropped.

While the footage gave only the briefest of glances of Jackman’s return as a comic-accurate-costumed Wolverine, the Aussie actor was on hand to make sure that he brought something to the Super Bowl party. Making his own version of the newly revealed title card from the movie, Jackman declared the “fixed” name of the movie to be “Wolverine & Asshole.”

Both Jackman and Ryan Reynolds shared the new poster for the movie, which depicts a half-heart necklace, one side based on Deadpool and the other on Wolverine, and the tagline of “Come Together.” However, they had their own unique statements to make alongside these.

Reynolds took a shot at the recent uproar over Dune: Part Two’s somewhat dubious popcorn bucket, which featured an opening based on one of the movie’s sandworms. However, instead it appeared to resemble something altogether more adult in nature, and Reynold has used that to full advantage in his post.

Returning to Jackman on their evening of X tennis, he shared the same image, but called out the wording that appeared on the necklace, which reads “Best Friends” across the two halves. However, the Wolverine actor seems to disagree with both statements.

If you haven’t seen the epic new trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine, then you can make up for that mistake below.

Deadpool & Wolverine Delivers a First Look at Wade Wilson in the TVA

Deadpool & Wolverine has many secrets still to share, but the trailer delivered a first look at the main idea behind the film. As Wade Wilson settles into a normal life, it seems that someone has other ideas. That “someone”, turns out to be the Time Variance Authority, the institution first introduced in Loki, who deals with variants of MCU characters that get out of their planned timeline.

In the trailer, Wade is seen being taken away from his normal life and given the chance to suit up once again as Deadpool and save the universe – the Marvel Cinematic Universe to be precise. This involves him taking a trip across the multiverse, meeting various iterations of familiar characters and ultimately bringing him into the path of Wolverine.

Deadpool and Wolverine Collide with the Fox Universe in Epic Deadpool 3 Fan Poster

Deadpool is set to invade multiple Marvel universes in Deadpool 3, but will it be as epic as fans are expecting?

Many of the movie’s rumored cameos have been kept well away from this first trailer, and hopefully will continue to do so, unlike many other recent MCU movies, which have revealed far too much too soon. As fans spend time picking through every frame of footage for things they might have missed, we can expect more teases to come in the next few months.

Deadpool & Wolverine
will hit cinemas on July 26, 2024.

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