Shawn Levy Will Not Leak Deadpool 3 Super Bowl Trailer Status as It Will End in Murder



  • Director Shawn Levy refuses to spill any details about
    Deadpool 3
    , fearing the end of his friendship with Ryan Reynolds.
  • Despite rumors of a trailer release at the Super Bowl, Levy wouldn’t confirm anything Deadpool-related.
  • Fans can expect an official synopsis and trailer with the movie’s title in the summer, as
    Deadpool 3
    aims to save the struggling Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Will Deadpool fans finally get a look at the first official footage from Deadpool 3 at the Super Bowl? Shawn Levy isn’t going to tell anyone, through fear of ruining his long-term friendship with Ryan Reynolds if he spills the beans on their new Marvel movie.

While 2023 saw waves of spoiler-filled social media posts featuring set images from the shooting of Marvel Studios’ single theatrical offering of 2024, filming has wrapped and the rest of the production is now being done behind closed doors. However, anyone expecting details to slip out via director Levy will be left disappointed, as despite dozens of claims that Deadpool 3 unleashes its first trailer during tonight’s Super Bowl, he would not even confirm that when speaking to Deadline at the DGA Awards last night. When asked about the trailer, Levy said:

I heard that too. I so cherish my friendship with Ryan Reynolds and it would be so sad if it ended in murder. And if I answered you with anything
related, it would end with my untimely death, and that would be so sad.

So, perhaps we shouldn’t expect Levy to be a source of details about the movie going forward, and both Reynolds and Hugh Jackman are too seasoned at secret keeping until the right time, so fans should expect an official synopsis to arrive with the trailer, as well as a poster containing the official title of the movie, but then will have a long haul until the summer when all Deadpool 3’s multiverse treats will be unveiled.

Can Deadpool 3 Save the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

20th Century Fox

Marvel Studios has been on the rocks for most of 2023, and despite originally having big plans for 2024 – with more than ten projects expected to land – this year will instead see the release of just Deadpool 3 in cinemas and a handful of Disney+ shows making up the MCU’s slate until the Fantastic Four movie arrives early in 2025.

This gives Ryan Reynolds’ ever-popular anti-hero the chance to potentially destroy the Fox Universe (if rumors are to be believed) and save the MCU franchise at the same time by delivering a blockbuster $1 billion box office. For an R-rated movie, that is no small task, but considering the complete collapse of The Marvels last November, and Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania’s unimpressive Phase 5 opener, it seems that the more mature content of Marvel Comics could be just what the franchise has been crying out for and Disney has avoided allowing them to do for too long.

Heartwarming Deadpool 3 Wrap Photo From Shawn Levy Gets the Internet Emotional

Shawn Levy shared a touching image to celebrate the completion of filming, hailing the friendship between himself and the movie’s stars.

Whatever happens in the movie, Deadpool 3 is already the biggest Marvel movie of the year, as the idea of Sony’s Spider-Man related movies managing to outplay the Merc with a Mouth is even more ridiculous than some of the Deadpool 3 fan theories that have been shared online in the last few months. How high can it go? Stay tuned to find out.

Deadpool 3
is released on July 26, 2024.

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