6 New Crime Thriller TV Shows That You Need to Watch In 2024


If your idea of a perfect evening involves a surge of adrenaline and a racing heart, the world of crime thriller TV shows is where you want to be. The allure of solving mysteries, navigating tense narratives, and uncovering the darkest secrets of the human psyche is a timeless pleasure. In 2023, we were treated to unforgettable series like Bodies and the gripping Love & Death, offering a taste of the exhilaration that crime thrillers can bring. But, 2024 is shaping up to be just as thrilling with new releases and additional seasons coming in hot.



6 Mr & Mrs Smith

Mr. & Mrs. Smith


Release Date
February 2, 2024

Francesca Sloane, Donald Glover


Mr. & Mrs. Smith, originally a 2005 film filled with action and a side of real-life Hollywood drama, takes a fresh turn in 2024 with a new TV adaptation on Amazon Prime Video. This series, created by Francesca Sloane and starring Donald Glover and Maya Erskine as John and Jane Smith, brings a unique blend of spy intrigue, comedy, and drama to the small screen. In this rendition, two strangers find themselves entangled in the world of espionage, wealth, and travel as they take on jobs for a mysterious spy agency. The twist? They must navigate this thrilling life within the confines of an arranged marriage and new identities.

Why You Need to Watch Mr. & Mrs. Smith In 2024

Set in a spy agency that communicates only through instant messaging, the Smiths embark on a journey filled with unexplained tasks, keeping viewers on the edge of their seats. The series boasts a blend of genres, offering not just thrilling espionage, but also comedy and drama. The first episode premiered on February 2, 2024; “Mr. & Mrs. Smith”, and is already set to be a bingeworthy delight for crime thriller enthusiasts in 2024.

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5 Griselda

Griselda poster

Release Date
January 25, 2024


Latin World Entertainment, Netflix

In the new drama series Griselda, Sofía Vergara sheds her comedic persona to embody the powerful character of Griselda Blanco, “The Godmother” of the underworld. This six-part Netflix series, created by Eric Newman and Andrés Baiz of Narcos fame, unfolds the incredible true story of Blanco’s rise from a devoted mother to a formidable Colombian businesswoman dominating the Miami drug trade in the 1980s. Griselda became available for streaming on Netflix on January 25th.

Unveiling the Crime Thrills in Griselda

What sets Griselda apart as a must-watch crime thriller in 2024? First and foremost, it offers a fresh perspective on the notorious Griselda Blanco, a character brimming with contradictions—savagery blended with charm, cunning business acumen merged with familial devotion. The series navigates the treacherous realms of underground business and family.

The exceptional storytelling capabilities of Eric Newman, co-creator of Narcos, and Andrés Baiz, who directs all six episodes, ensures a riveting narrative that captures the essence of Blanco’s complexity. The seamless transitioning between Spanish and English, enhances the authenticity and immersive experience for the audience.

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4 The Playboy Murders

The Playboy Murders, Investigation Discovery’s gripping true-crime series, unfolds its new season with a chilling premiere episode. The series unfolds tragic tales of obsession and horrifying fates, with the premiere episode focusing on former Playboy cover model Sandy Bentley’s transformation into a central figure in a twisted murder mystery. The plot twists through unexpected turns in Bentley’s love life, involving relationships with Hefner, a high-rolling financier, and a tragic affair with Michael Tardio and Christopher Monson.

Unraveling the Mysteries in The Playboy Murders

The Playboy Murders captivates with immersive storytelling and exclusive insights from executive producer and former Playmate Holly Madison. Her firsthand accounts authentically depict the aftermath of Hefner’s relationships and their impact on the Playboy Mansion. The series balances suspenseful storytelling with Madison’s commentary, creating a captivating blend of investigative journalism and true crime.

Beyond its allure, the show sheds light on unsolved cases, aiming to bring attention to decades-old mysteries, with Madison expressing hope that the spotlight may lead to breakthroughs. The next episode drops on February 19th so you’ve still got time to catch up!

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3 Miss Scarlet & The Duke

Miss Scarlet and the Duke
Miss Scarlet and The Duke

Release Date
January 17, 2021

Rachael New

Kate Phillips , Stuart Martin , Cathy Belton , Ansu Kabia , Simon Ludders


Element 8 Entertainment, 247Hub, 87 Films

Miss Scarlet & The Duke introduces viewers to the intriguing world of Victorian London, where Eliza Scarlet, portrayed by the talented Kate Phillips, becomes the city’s first female detective. Teaming up with the charming Detective Inspector William “The Duke” Wellington, played by Stuart Martin, Eliza takes the reins of her late father’s detective agency. Together, they venture into the crime-ridden streets of 19th-century London, solving mysteries that challenge societal norms and expectations.

Unveiling Victorian Mysteries With Miss Scarlet & The Duke

Miss Scarlet & The Duke is a must-watch crime thriller in 2024, seamlessly blending historical drama with detective mystery. The series challenges gender norms as Eliza Scarlet navigates a male-dominated profession, taking on cases that defy societal expectations. The dynamic duo of Eliza and William “The Duke” Wellington, portrayed by Kate Phillips and Stuart Martin, adds depth and charisma, with their chemistry enhancing the storytelling.

The immersive atmosphere of Victorian London, meticulous historical details, and engrossing mysteries make it a bingeworthy experience, offering a refreshing take on the crime thriller genre.

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2 Parish

Parish combines the rich atmosphere of New Orleans with a compelling plot, delivering a high-stakes narrative that keeps viewers on the edge as Giancarlo Esposito’s character, Gray Parish, makes his debut. Parish unfolds as the murder of his son sets Gray on a path of vengeance and redemption when he confronts his past and has to face the consequences. The series weaved together personal drama and criminal intrigue, creating a narrative to explore the complexities of morality and justice.

The execution of Parish is marked by intense and suspenseful moments, drawing viewers into Gray’s world as his business collapses and begins his descent into crime. Gray Parish’s journey is complemented by a cast of intriguing individuals, adding layers to the unfolding drama. The writing style balances character-driven storytelling with adrenaline-pumping action, creating a narrative that makes it a compelling addition to the crime thriller genre. Parish debuts on AMC in March.

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1 Manhunt

Manhunt takes viewers on a compelling journey into the aftermath of the first American presidential assassination, weaving historical fiction with a gripping conspiracy thriller. Set to premiere on Apple TV+ in March, this miniseries, based on James L. Swanson’s book Manhunt: The 12-Day Chase for Lincoln’s Killer, explores the hunt for John Wilkes Booth following Abraham Lincoln’s assassination.

Unraveling (Conspiracy) History in Manhunt

The series delves into a crucial yet often misunderstood chapter in history—the aftermath of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination. Blending elements of historical fiction and conspiracy thriller, Manhunt offers a unique perspective on the fight to preserve the ideals that formed the foundation of Lincoln’s Reconstruction plans. The plot revolves around Edwin Stanton’s relentless pursuit of John Wilkes Booth, unraveling the mysterious circumstances surrounding one of the most infamous crimes in history.

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