10 Other Crime and Mystery TV Shows to Watch if You Love Hulu’s Death and Other Details


Hulu’s Death and Other Details caters to those with a penchant for investigation stories and classic whodunits. Created by the talented duo Mike Weiss, of the popular The Mentalist, and Heidi Cole McAdams, of the successful The 100, it brings a unique blend of murder, humor, and eccentricity. Unfolding a murder investigation on a cruise ship, the show introduces turns and twists that dive into themes like prejudice, traumas, and eat-the-rich disclosure.



Death and Other Details

Release Date
January 16, 2024

Heidi Cole McAdams, Mike Weiss


ABC Signature, Black Lamb

Echoing the works of Agatha Christie, the main detective portrayed by Mandy Patinkin exudes a Hercule Poirot-like demeanor, adding a layer of sophistication to the series. Weiss and McAdams drew inspiration from the legendary Agatha Christie, aiming to capture the atmosphere of her works while blending the contemporary world. If you found yourself hooked on the intrigue of Death And Other Details, here’s a curated list of 10 other crime and mystery shows that’ll keep you on the edge of your seat.

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10 The 100

The 100
The 100

Release Date
March 19, 2014


The CW

In the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse that obliterated civilization, The 100 emerges as a captivating post-apocalyptic science fiction drama that unfolds 97 years later. Developed by Jason Rothenberg and loosely based on Kass Morgan’s young adult novel series, the premise centers around the remnants of humanity, residing in a space habitat called the Ark, who decide to send 100 juvenile delinquents back to Earth with the hope of repopulating the planet.

The writing style, marked by twists and turns, makes an immersive experience, an ideal follow-up for those who relished the mystery presented in Death and Other Details.

Why The 100 Is a Must-Watch for Fans of Death and Other Details

Set against a post-apocalyptic Earth, the show captures the essence of suspense, drama, and mystery that fans of Heidi Cole McAdams’ writing style will undoubtedly appreciate. The parallelism between The 100 and Death and Other Details lies not only in their suspenseful narratives but also in their exploration of complex themes. Much like McAdams’ latest creation, The 100 delves into societal struggles, power dynamics, and the human psyche in the face of adversity.

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9 The Mentalist

The Mentalist stands out as an American television series that graced screens in 2008 and took audiences on a journey with former “psychic” Patrick Jane, portrayed by Simon Baker. Jane, a once-celebrated psychic medium, is now a consultant for the California Bureau of Investigation (CBI). He puts his extraordinary observational skills to assist in solving crimes, all while he’s harboring a personal vendetta to unveil a serial killer who took the lives of his wife and daughter. His sharp intellect and keen observational skills, reminiscent of the detective in Death and Other Details, allow him to navigate the intricate web of criminal investigations.

Why The Mentalist Should be Your Next Obsession After Death and Other Details

In the world of The Mentalist, the art of deduction intertwines with a compelling narrative that mirrors the allure of Death and Other Details. The atmosphere of The Mentalist aligns with the mystery and suspense found in Death and Other Details. The show executes a blend of intense investigation and character-driven drama that delivers an immersive experience. As we watch Jane navigate each case, we’re reminded of the quintessence of a Sherlock Holmes-type detective entwined with street psychic charisma.

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8 Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries

Journey through the back lanes and jazz clubs of 1920s Melbourne with Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries, an Australian drama that’s based on Kerry Greenwood’s historical mystery novels. We’re introduced to the witty and glamorous private detective, Phryne Fisher, who’s played by the captivating Essie Davis, as she weaves through murder mysteries –– and her personal life –– with her pearl-handled pistol. The show intertwines personal and professional narratives, drawing viewers into Phryne’s world as she dances through the challenges of solving crimes in the vibrant jazz-era backdrop of Melbourne.

Why Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries Is a Delight for Fans of Death and Other Details

Much like Death and Other Details, where the investigation unfolds against the backdrop of a murder on a ship, Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries thrives on intricate murder mysteries set in the historical 1920s Australia. The show’s appeal is not only rooted in its captivating lead, but also in the meticulous attention to historical accuracy, reflected in the sets and costuming that transport viewers to the era. It also has the atmospheric charm and familiarity of a cozy, period detective whodunit –– much like solving our mysteries in Death and Other Details.

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7 One of Us Is Lying

An American high school drama mystery, One of Us Is Lying, is based on the young adult novels by Karen M. McManus. It follows the lives of five high school students who are thrown into an unexpected murder investigation when a classmate dies during detention. Addy, Cooper, Bronwyn, and Nate find themselves surrounded with suspicion and secrets following Simon’s mysterious death.

Why One of Us Is Lying Is the Next Must-Watch After Death and Other Details

Much like Death and Other Details, the show combines a thrilling murder mystery with complex interpersonal relationships, making it a perfect choice for those seeking the same level of intrigue. Each suspect brings a unique dimension to the narrative, and as the investigation unfolds, viewers are drawn into the psychological depth of the characters. While the show deals with serious themes, it doesn’t shy away from injecting moments of wit and humor into the narrative. If you crave a mix of suspense, drama, and teenage sleuthing after indulging in Death and Other Details, One of Us Is Lying is the next thrilling chapter on your watchlist.

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6 The Flight Attendant

Based on Chris Bohjalian’s novel and developed by Steve Yockey, The Flight Attendant brings us along on Cassie Bowden’s, played by the dynamic Kaley Cuoco, turbulent journey as she deals with a mysterious murder involving a passenger. Bowden, an American flight attendant with a penchant for recklessness and a turbulent relationship with alcohol, wakes up in a Bangkok hotel room next to a passenger with his throat slashed. Fearful of being implicated in the murder, Cassie becomes her own detective, unraveling the mystery to clear her name. The series blends mystery and character study, much like the intriguing narrative found in Death and Other Details.

Why The Flight Attendant Is a Perfect Descent After Death and Other Details

As she attempts to piece together the events leading to the murder, the show becomes a puzzle of clues and twists, akin to the mystery-solving charm in Death and Other Details. As she attempts to piece together the events leading to the murder, the show becomes a puzzle of clues and twists, akin to the mystery-solving charm in Death and Other Details.

The series captivates with its dark comedy, injecting humor into the suspenseful narrative. Cassie’s unpredictable encounters and the psychological depth of the characters create a compelling atmosphere that mirrors Death and Other Details’ intricacy.

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5 The Sinner

the sinner
The Sinner

Release Date
August 9, 2017
Bill Pullman , Jessica Hecht , Michael Mosley , Alice Kremelberg , Cindy Cheung , Neal Huff


Take a trip on a psychological journey with The Sinner, an American police procedural anthology that shows us the darkest corners of the human mind. Developed by Derek Simonds, the series follows Detective Harry Ambrose, portrayed by the brilliant Bill Pullman, as he investigates murder cases committed by seemingly ordinary individuals. However, what sets it apart is its unique approach as a “whydunnit.” Unlike traditional whodunits, each season starts with viewers knowing the identity of the perpetrator, creating an intriguing narrative shift.

Why The Sinner Aligns With Fans of Death and Other Details

The series goes beyond the typical crime-solving formula, delving into the intricate motives and reasoning behind the characters’ actions. This narrative approach provides a unique perspective, allowing viewers to witness the psychological exploration of the perpetrators. With its distinctive approach and psychological depth, this series invites viewers on a cerebral journey through the complexities of the human psyche, making it an ideal addition to the watchlist for fans of crime and mystery.

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4 Midsomer Murders

midsomer murders
Midsomer Murders

Release Date
March 22, 1998

Neil Dudgeon , Annette Badland


Explore the picturesque but deadly villages of the fictional English county of Midsomer with Midsomer Murders, a British crime drama television series that has captivated audiences since its premiere in 1997. Adapted by Anthony Horowitz and Douglas Watkinson from the Chief Inspector Barnaby book series created by Caroline Graham, the show follows a seasoned Detective Chief Inspector, Tom Barnaby, and his young Sergeant, John Barnaby, as they investigate murders around the fictional community of Midsomer County.

Why Midsomer Murders’ Quaint and Deadly Charm Appeals to Death and Other Details Fans

Midsomer Murders distinguishes itself by creating an atmospheric setting that balances the beauty of the English countryside with the ominous undertones of crime. The show’s writing style, characterized by a mixture of lighthearted whimsy and dark humor, adds a layer of complexity to the detective drama. While each episode unfolds with a high body count, a well-known feature of the show, Midsomer Murders shares the thematic complexity found in Death and Other Details.

The culprits are rarely serial killers; instead, they are often driven by circumstances to commit crimes, leading to a cascade of events that keep viewers on the edge of their seats.

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3 Broadchurch

Take a riveting journey through the captivating fictional world of Broadchurch, where the murder of a young boy sets off a media frenzy, threatening to unravel the community. Much like Death And Other Details, Broadchurch offers an intense and tightly woven plot that explores the profound impact of a child’s murder on a close-knit local community. Created by Chris Chibnall, who served as an executive producer and wrote all 24 episodes, the series delves into the characters’ reactions to media attention and mutual suspicion that arises, creating a narrative that resonates with authenticity and depth.

Why Broadchurch Resonates With Fans Of Death And Other Details

The leading duo of Detective Inspector Alec Hardy (David Tennant) and Detective Sergeant Ellie Miller (Olivia Colman) injects unparalleled chemistry into the investigative process, similar to the dynamic duos found in Death and Other Details. Their performances elevate the storytelling, making the series a compelling watch for those who appreciate nuanced character dynamics.

The serious tone of Broadchurch aligns with the more dramatic aspects of Death And Other Details, making it an ideal recommendation for viewers who enjoy crime dramas that delve into the emotional complexities of the characters involved.

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2 Prime Suspect

Enter the gripping world of Prime Suspect, a renowned British police procedural series that showcases the incomparable talent of Helen Mirren in the role of Jane Tennison. Renowned for her intimidating abilities, Mirren breathes life into this crime drama as she portrays Tennison, one of the first female Detective Chief Inspectors in Greater London’s Metropolitan Police Service. Unlike the more lighthearted detective Benoit in Death and Other Details, Tennison is a three-dimensional character, a no-nonsense chief inspector who ascends to the top ranks while grappling with the gender bias within the police force.

Why Prime Suspect Appeals to Fans of Death and Other Details

For fans of Death and Other Details seeking a crime drama with a strong, determined female lead and a focus on societal challenges, Prime Suspect emerges as an enthralling watch, addressing the complexities of gender dynamics in a male-dominated profession. Prime Suspect stands out as a crime drama that combines a good narrative with societal commentary, providing a unique experience for those drawn to the complexities of investigative dramas.

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1 Luther


Release Date
May 4, 2010


Jump into the gritty world of Luther, a British psychological crime thriller that introduces us to the brilliant yet tormented Detective Chief Inspector John Luther, portrayed by Idris Elba. Luther’s a seasoned homicide detective with an extraordinary ability to unravel the minds of murderers. However, his unorthodox methods and personal demons create an intriguing dynamic that puts him at odds with his own team.

Luther isn’t just a crime procedural; it’s a character study that delves into the psyche of a detective consumed by the darkness he confronts daily. The series, with its mix of obsession, suspense, and psychological depth, provides a unique perspective on crime investigations.

Why Luther Resonates With Fans of Death and Other Details

In a departure from the more straightforward approach of Death and Other Details, Luther’s character is characterized by obsession, possession, and occasional violence. Idris Elba’s portrayal brings depth to Luther’s complexities, showcasing a detective who grapples with the darkness inherent in the crimes he investigates. The atmosphere of the show, marked by its psychological intensity, draws parallels with the immersive storytelling style of Death and Other Details, creating a captivating viewing experience for those who appreciate crime dramas with a focus on character development.

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