Cliffhanger Director Has Concerns About the Sequel, Worries About the Overuse of CGI



  • Director Renny Harlin has been trying for decades to make a Cliffhanger sequel, but worries that it will rely too much on CGI.
  • Harlin believes that the success of the original film was due to its realistic stunts and dangerous feel, and hopes the sequel will maintain the same spirit.
  • He expresses concern about the increasing use of CGI in movies and hopes that the studios will not replace practical stunts with digital effects in Cliffhanger 2.

The director behind the original Cliffhanger, Renny Harlin, has offered his thoughts on the upcoming legacy sequel, which was first announced back in May last year. Speaking with, Harlin said he has been trying “for decades” to get Cliffhanger 2 off the ground (so to speak), but worries that, after so much time, they will now use too much CGI to create the cliff-hanging drama and spectacle.

“To be honest, I’ve tried for decades. I always felt the movie was hugely successful, and it was crazy that there wasn’t a sequel. There was more story to tell. Now, of course, it’s a long time later, so I have no idea what kind of a story they are planning to tell or what Sly’s role in it is. But I wish them the best of luck. I hope they don’t try to replace what we did with a lot of CG. Because I think the audience will be able to tell that we did everything for real. We shot at 12,000-foot peaks in the Italian Alps. It was real stuff, like the opening sequence with the girl falling. It was done for real. That was at 8,000 feet, that wire.”

Harlin currently has no role in the sequel, and doesn’t know what the story will be, but does believe that is “more story to tell.” Still, his concerns surrounding whether the stunts will be achieved practically or with CGI are reasonable, as a large part of the first movie’s appeal was how real and dangerous everything felt.

“It’s so easy for the studios to say now, ‘We’ll do everything blue screen and create everything digitally.’ I hope they don’t do that because it deserves a sequel with the same spirit of the original.”

Sylvester Stallone to Return for Cliffhanger Reboot

Sylvester Stallone will return for an upcoming Cliffhanger reboot to be directed by Ric Roman Waugh.

Cliffhanger 2 Will Follow Sylvester Stallone & His Daughter


Cliffhanger 2 is set to be directed by Ric Roman Waugh (Angel Has Fallen), with Hollywood icon and star of the original, Sylvester Stallone expected to return. Waugh has revealed some details regarding the plot and the role that Stallone will play, saying last year that it will follow Stallone’s character Ranger Gabriel “Gabe” Walker and his daughter.

“I’m going to do the next evolution of Cliffhanger with Stallone, and watch his character evolve forward, and he has a daughter now who’s a mountaineering climber, as well, and all hell breaks loose in the Italian Alps, and here we go.”

However, in words that will no doubt send shivers down the spine of Renny Harlin, has stated that Cliffhanger 2 will use modern technology to bring the movie to life in the hopes of taking things “to a whole other level.”

“Not only visually what we’re gonna do, but sonically, the sound design that wasn’t there in the early ‘90s. What we can do now with sound design, we’re gonna put you on the edge of that 1000-foot cliff, when your fingernails are hanging on to a ledge the size of a penny, when you hear a boulder fly past your head and go to infinity, and your heart beats reverberating off the rocks. I wanna play with the sound design and the jeopardy the way that so many of the movies now, I feel like, just because VFX is there. And now we’re talking about AI and everything else. It’s just becoming more and more fake, and there’s a lot of room for that. I’m okay watching a movie where a car flies out of a plane at 30,000 feet, lands on its wheels, and keeps going in my movie.”

Renny Harlin will next helm the action movie The Bricklayer starring Aaron Eckhart and the horror reboot The Strangers: Chapter 1. Check out the trailer for The Bricklayer below.

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