Christian Bale Will Physically Transform for Frankenstein Role



  • Christian Bale will shave his head for the Warner Bros.
  • The film will have to draw its inspiration from Mary Shelley’s novel
    Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus
    , since Universal Pictures holds the copyright for the 1935 film,
    Bride of Frankenstein
  • Director Maggie Gyllenhaal will undoubtedly rely on original storytelling and new characters, too, as the synopsis alludes to.

“It’s alive! In the name of God, now I know what it feels like to be God!” Hearing actor Colin Clive recite Dr. Frankenstein’s dialogue must have been shocking to moviegoers when Universal Pictures’ Frankenstein opened in 1931. And now, over 90 years later, it’s Christian Bale’s turn to step into those larger-than-life shoes. The Oscar-winning performer (Best Supporting Actor for The Fighter) is preparing to start filming on the upcoming Bride of Frankenstein-esque reimagining, and he is altering his physical appearance yet again. Bale said (via The Hollywood Reporter):

“I’ve got to shave my head next week. I asked them to please let me hold off on doing that, but everyone was going, ‘What’s wrong with Bale? What’s up with him?’ I said, ‘Just let me get through the groundbreaking, and then I’ll be off to join you.’ I’ll be working with the wonderful Maggie Gyllenhaal, Jessie Buckley and so many talented actors in the cast. I’ve got to get busy getting on the rack, breaking my bones and eating lots of fertilizer or something to try and grow.”

The Bride of Frankenstein

Release Date
April 20, 1935

James Whale
Boris Karloff , Colin Clive , Valerie Hobson , Ernest Thesiger , Elsa Lanchester , Gavin Gordon

Mary Shelley , William Hurlbut , John L. Balderston , Josef Berne , Lawrence G. Blochman , Robert Florey

The monster demands a mate.

Bale will portray Frankenstein in the Warner Bros. — not Universal — project, and he reunites with his co-star from The Dark Knight, Maggie Gyllenhaal, in the horror romance. Gyllenhaal will direct the untitled reimagining, which will undoubtedly draw some inspiration from Mary Shelley’s 1818 novel, Frankenstein; or, The Modern Prometheus.

Frankenstein’s Future Film

Annette Bening with Frankenstein's Monster and Bride of Frankenstein

Christian Bale takes up the mantle of presumably Dr. Frankenstein in Warner Bros. upcoming horror romance. However, given the wording of the synopsis, Bale could be portraying the Creature from the novel rather than Victor. In Mary Shelley’s novel, the Creature never goes by the name of “Frankenstein,” which is his creator’s surname. However, it is the Creature who seeks out Victor in the book and demands that he makes him a mate. Check out a brief description of the Warner Bros. Frankenstein project below:

“A lonely Frankenstein travels to 1930s Chicago to seek the aide of a Dr. Euphronius in creating a companion for himself. The two reinvigorate a murdered young woman and the Bride is born. She is beyond what either of them intended, igniting a combustible romance, the attention of the police and a wild and radical social movement.”

Best Frankenstein Movies of All Time, Ranked

The story of Frankenstein has led to more movies than you may think, though only some are famous and deserve to be called the best.

Obviously, a lot of liberties are being taken with the source material, so it’s hard to be absolutely sure if Bale’s “Frankenstein” is actually the Creature or the creator — or a unique combination of both characters. However, what is clear is that director Maggie Gyllenhaal can’t use the film Bride of Frankenstein as its inspiration because Universal Pictures holds the copyright to that specific story, which differs greatly from the novel, and the appearance of the Bride (Elsa Lanchester). Gyllenhaal will have to draw from Shelley’s book, which is in the public domain, and rely on original storytelling to bring her own Frankenstein to life.

Jessie Buckley, Annette Bening, Penélope Cruz and Peter Sarsgaard will star alongside Bale in the film. At the time of this writing, Warner Bros. hasn’t announced an expected release date for their dark

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