California Walnuts is bringing the festive flair with these recipes


When it comes to easy and quick snacks, nuts are a great option. And at the holidays, walnuts make a great addition to a wide range of recipes.

Just in time for the 2023 holiday season, California Walnuts is getting especially festive. And how are they doing that? By giving us a collection of a recipes to inspire us in the kitchen.

Now, obviously, we can candy the walnuts, or we can even add them to brownies and other traditional baked goods. But if you really want to shake things up this holiday season, we highly recommend checking out the California walnut website for their variety of recipes that will take your nuts to a whole new level. Not only do they have a recipe for cinnamon sugar walnuts, but there’s even one for rosemary & sea salt walnuts.

California Walnuts is making the holiday season festive with a must-try collection of recipes

You might actually be surprised by all of the recipes that they were able to come up with utilizing this particular nut. I know I was. In fact, some of these recipes sound so good that we think they might just be part of our efforts going into the new year. After all, you don’t have to leave the walnuts behind after the holidays.

So what are some of the recipes that we are excited to check out?

  • Walnut, Brie & Cranberry Croissants – As a fan of all things croissant, I am extremely excited to give this recipe a try. It does seem a little trickier than what I’m used to, but I am here for the challenge.
  • Savory Ricotta and Walnut ‘Sausage’ Toast – This is another recipe that sounds exceptionally delicious. It also seems relatively easy.
  • Chicken, Broccoli and Walnut Pasta – Basically, you had me at pasta. I am all about the pasta dishes and this one sounds so tasty. This is one of those recipes that will become a staple of your kitchen.
  • Tuna Noodle Casserole with Walnut Crust – This recipe might not be for everyone, but I love the idea of elevating a tuna noodle casserole. And I think, adding walnuts to the recipe absolutely does that. I can’t wait to try this one.

Honestly, there are so many recipes to choose from that it was hard to narrow down our favorites. But, we are excited to give quite a few of these a try, and we think you will, too. We love the idea of taking the humble walnut and elevating it, or elevating other dishes by adding walnuts. There are so many ways to shake things up this holiday season, why not incorporate more nuts.

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