Channing Tatum and Ryan Reynolds Will Be a Formidable Duo in Calamity Hustle



  • Calamity Hustle, starring Ryan Reynolds and Channing Tatum, is a heist comedy generating considerable buzz in the film industry.
  • The film centers around two brothers, a private investigator, and an estranged sibling, caught in a diamond heist gone wrong.
  • Warner Bros., Amazon Studios, and Netflix are in a bidding war for the rights to Calamity Hustle, with hefty offers being made for Reynolds and Tatum.

Viewers are about to get a double dose of humor in the Nee brothers’ latest project, Calamity Hustle. Set to star Ryan Reynolds and Channing Tatum, the film revolves around a heist gone wrong and two brothers who must set things right. Despite just making its way onto the surface, the movie has already caused considerable buzz and quite a stir within the film industry, with studios and streamers vying to make the film theirs.

Most of the attention that Calamity Hustle has attracted is likely owed to the duo set to lead the film, Tatum and Reynolds. With the film categorized as an action-comedy and the Tatum-Reynolds pair well-versed in the area, Calamity Hustle looks to be on the correct path to becoming a box-office hit. The promise of the duo teaming up has also had the excitement of viewers riding high, given the well-known reputation of the actors as veterans of bringing humor to screens.

What Is Calamity Hustle About?

Ryan Reynolds wearing a red suit jacket and black tie in Red Notice

At the time of writing, not many details regarding the film’s plot are known. Calamity Hustle is still in the extremely early stages of development, with it being reported that the script itself may need to undergo further work and refinement. However, the basic premise of the film has been made public.

As per the film’s logline, Calamity Hustle will center on two siblings: a private investigator and an estranged brother. When the down-on-his-luck former Los Angeles detective, now a private investigator, is shaken down by a vicious crime lord, he has to track down his estranged brother, who is responsible for interfering with a diamond heist.

A Bidding War for Calamity Hustle

Despite the film being in its early stages, Calamity Hustle has already garnered plenty of attention. The action-comedy has already sparked a bidding war among some of Hollywood’s biggest names. Warner Bros., Amazon Studios, and Netflix are currently fighting against each other to acquire the rights to the film. Although only three names are involved in the clash, what is on offer is pretty hefty. Warner Bros. has reportedly offered $20 million each for Reynolds and Tatum, with Amazon and Netflix extending $50 million for the stars to split however they see fit.

Ryan Reynolds & Channing Tatum to Play Brothers in the Action-Comedy Calamity Hustle

Ryan Reynolds and Channing Tatum will play brothers embroiled in a botched heist in a new action-comedy from the directors of The Lost City.

Even though the script has yet to be finalized, the bidding war that has erupted speaks to the talent in its cast. Both Tatum and Reynolds are renowned for their work within both the action and comedy genres, and the fact that they are not only actors in this new project but also producers signals good things regarding the outcome of the film.

Also producing is Kevin Walsh, one of the names behind Napoleon. Adding to the steady foundation of the film is the fact that the Nee brothers are writing and directing. Aaron and Adam Nee’s 2022 project The Lost City, starring Tatum and Sandra Bullock, found unexpected success. Viewers are now expecting Calamity Hustle to take a similar route, especially given that the brothers are reuniting with Tatum once again and also adding Ryan Reynolds to the mix.

Reynolds and Tatum Are Masters of Comedy

Ryan Reynolds and Channing Tatum are names that are not unfamiliar to any movie fanatic. Having worked across multiple genres in the movie industry, both Tatum and Reynolds have extensive experience in works involving action and comedy. Both actors have become fan favorites for their ability to bring witty humor and an entertaining comedic element into their projects, with their works having generally performed well.

Reynolds is widely recognized for projects including The Proposal, The Hitman’s Bodyguard, and 6 Underground. The actor’s skills have also landed him a role within the Marvel Cinematic Universe as Wade Wilson, better known as Deadpool. The actor first took on the role of the unconventional anti-hero in 2016 and reprised his role as the titular character in the film’s second installment, Deadpool 2, in 2018.

A third film has also been confirmed, with Deadpool 3 slated for a 2024 release. Channing Tatum has achieved similar levels of success. As part of the first Step Up film back in 2006, Tatum has since held roles in more serious films such as The Vow, Dear John, and White House Down. The actor has also demonstrated his talent in works such as the Magic Mike franchise, Logan Lucky, The Lost City, and the actor’s highest-grossing work, 21 Jump Street and its sequel, 22 Jump Street.

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The talent of the actors coming together in Calamity Hustle will undoubtedly be a sight to behold. Given their familiarity with the genre and the fact that the duo have been commended by viewers for their performances in previous projects, Tatum and Reynolds will be a formidable duo in Calamity Hustle. With the pair having to portray a sibling relationship, a relationship which is quite distant, as can be assumed from the logline for the film, it will be interesting to witness how the two actors decide to navigate their relationship and intersperse humor and witty quips into the sibling dynamic.

Audience expectations for Calamity Hustle are quite high despite the sparse information available at the time of writing. High hopes for the film have primarily been driven by the reputations of Tatum and Reynolds, the Nee brothers being attached to the project, and the fact that streamers and studios appear to be grappling for the film. With no release date in sight yet, the wait for Calamity Hustle will likely be long. However, when the movie is here, it will undoubtedly bring viewers double the action and double the humor, thanks to the pair leading the film.

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