Argylle Director Matthew Vaughn Unveils His Ideas Of What’s Next for the Spy Film



  • Matthew Vaughn has ideas for the future of Argylle, including a standalone feature and a sequel that continues the meta craziness of the film.
  • The success of the initial Argylle film will determine the future of the franchise, with its box office performance and streaming release on Apple TV+ being key factors.
  • Vaughn’s track record with spy cinema, exemplified by the Kingsman series, showcases his ability to innovate in the genre and breathe new life into well-trodden narratives.

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for the post-credit teaser of Argylle.

Matthew Vaughn already has ideas for what’s next with his latest project, Argylle. Vaughn’s intriguing spy film, featuring Henry Cavill in the lead role, navigates uncharted territory where fiction and reality collide, creating a cinematic experience that goes beyond traditional storytelling.

At the heart of this ambitious project is the enigmatic character Agent Argylle, portrayed by Cavill. The plot weaves a complex web around Argylle’s adventures, which inadvertently land the character’s author, Elly Conway (played by Bryce Dallas Howard), in jeopardy. Conway’s predicament arises from her uncanny ability to predict real-world espionage events, inadvertently drawing the attention of an actual spy syndicate.

The film’s layered narrative is further enriched by its metafictional element. Argylle is ostensibly based on a book by the fictional Conway, adding a unique twist to the movie’s storytelling approach. This intriguing concept is underscored at the end of the film, where viewers are teased with the promise of Argylle: Book One – The Movie, blurring the lines between the characters’ fictional world and their cinematic existence.

During his latest interview with Polygon, Vaughn revealed insights into where the franchise might be headed. Should the project receive the nod from Apple, the director envisions adapting the in-universe plot of Argylle into a standalone feature. This would be a precursor to Argylle 2, which aims to return to the escapades of the “real-life” characters, including Conway, in an all-new adventure. Vaughn’s vision hints at a franchise that is not only expansive but also refreshingly unconventional in its narrative structure. Vaugh said:

“So [after] Book One, then we would definitely do Argylle 2 the movie, which continues with the characters and the meta craziness. We’ve got some really fun ideas for that. And if we pull both of those off, then who knows what’s next?”

Argylle: How the New Matthew Vaughn Film Connects to the Kingsman Movies

The end of Argylle teases a larger universe for the Matthew Vaughn film, and it’s not all that different from his Kingsman franchise.

The realization of this ambitious plan hinges on the success of the initial Argylle film. To offset its considerable $200 million cost, the film is tasked with the challenge of raking in upwards of $400 million in box office sales. Despite this financial challenge, the film’s future may not solely depend on its theatrical performance. Its upcoming streaming release on Apple TV+ could provide a significant boost, potentially attracting enough subscribers to warrant further investment in the franchise.

Matthew Vaughn’s Spy Cinema Evolution Continues with Argylle

Vaughn’s track record with spy cinema, particularly with the Kingsman series, lends credibility to his latest venture. Despite the mixed success of the Kingsman films, particularly the underwhelming performance of The King’s Man, Vaughn’s ability to innovate within the genre is evident. His willingness to diverge from conventional storytelling, as showcased in the World War I setting of The King’s Man, underscores his capacity to breathe new life into well-trodden narratives.

The next few weeks will be crucial in determining the future of the Argylle franchise. The audience’s reception of the film and their engagement with its unique storytelling approach will be pivotal. If Vaughn’s vision resonates with viewers, the cinematic world of Elly Conway and the intricate spy network she unwittingly becomes a part of could be set to expand in exciting and unforeseen directions. Vaughn’s Argylle not only challenges the conventions of spy cinema but also invites viewers to reconsider the boundaries between fiction and reality in storytelling.

Argylle is now showing in theaters, Apple TV+ release will follow.

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