Every Anime Series Releasing in February 2024


With each passing year, anime fans are treated to an abundance of new adaptations that will keep them entertained for months, given that they air every week. 2023 has bid farewell to numerous phenomenal anime series, with Attack on Titan ending and Mob Psycho 100 coming to a close, and 2024 will make up for it with highly anticipated releases like Solo Leveling and One-Punch Man season 3.

While the third season of One-Punch Man is still far off, the initial episodes of Solo Leveling, Classroom of the Elite, and Blue Exorcist have already aired in the last month. Besides staying up-to-date with the weekly releases, you may also add additional upcoming anime series to your watch list. With that in mind, here’s a list of every anime series that will be released in February 2024.

Solo Leveling

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Solo Leveling has long been a highly anticipated anime series, mainly due to the phenomenal success and popularity of the manhwa. While the first episode was fairly lackluster in terms of animation, the next two episodes have changed our perception, promising an even more exhilarating journey ahead and proving that 2024 will be a special year for anime.

The anime follows Sung Jin Woo, the world’s weakest hunter, who, after encountering a double dungeon, discovers a virtual system that guides him toward becoming the strongest in the world. Solo Leveling will continue to air new episodes every week throughout February.

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Wonderful Precure!

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Wonderful Precure! is an upcoming fantasy anime blending multiple genres created by Toei Animation that takes a fresh and innovative approach to coexistence between humans and animals. The narrative takes place in Animal Town, where animals and humans coexist in tandem, without discrimination and only love. Iroha Inukai is a junior high school student who adores her dog, Komugi, and considers it her best friend.

However, when they both go for a stroll one day, an enigmatic evil creature named Gargai goes on a rampage in their town. To protect Inukai, Komugi transforms into a beast known as Cure Wonderful, which Inukai is completely unaware of. What mysteries does this dog, and more importantly, the town, hold? Given that it is an original story not based on a manga or light novel, the anime’s potential is a mystery, but that alone lends a reason to be enthused about it.

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Salted Fish Season 2

Watch on Bilibili on Feb. 15

Aside from producing some outstanding anime shows such as Swallowed Star and Soul Land, the Chinese anime industry also places equal significance on light-hearted series, as evidenced by Scissor Seven, Psychic Princess, and The Daily Life of the Immortal King. Salted Fish was another anime series that captivated viewers with an equal dose of comedy and fantasy when it debuted in 2021.

After three years, the series is returning for a second season, bringing back the hilarious adventures of Xian Yu Ge. In the anime, Xian Yu Ge is a salted fish who lives with his aunt on an island. However, due to his unconventional way of living, he is frequently met with problems that involve the island’s eccentric residents, but their kind nature allows him to form new friendships. Salted Fish Season 2 will be available on Bilibili on Feb. 15.

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Ancient Lords

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Cultivation fantasy anime are the norm in the Chinese industry, with many new anime shows being adapted from light novels each month. It goes without saying that these stories often feature otherworldly themes that involve the intricacies of time travel, mythological creatures, and power levels. Ancient Lords is one such historical martial arts anime that will premiere on Bilibili on Feb. 18.

Meng Qi is a wandering time traveler who has always dreamed of becoming a white-clad swordsman who fights for justice. However, amid his adventures, he unexpectedly becomes a mad monk with a blade. It turns out that his ambition was crushed by the ancient lords who had other intentions for him. Will Meng Qi leave his current path to pursue the one he has always desired? Or will he succumb to the ancient power?

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Blader Soul

Watch on Bilibili on Feb. 29

It turns out February isn’t the most promising month for Japanese anime, but many Chinese anime seem intriguing. Perhaps it’s an indication that more fans should give these underrated anime shows a chance. Blader Soul is another Chinese anime coming out in February based on the successful web novel of the same name written by Yue Guan, best known for his prior work, Reincarnated Marquis. Bilibili offers the official synopsis of Blader Soul as follows:

Two kids who lived in the shadow of an aristocratic family yearn for the fabled Penglai fairyland. The warlocks arrived, the Gan Shi star passed by, and the star stone cast a tripod, waking the power buried within each of their bodies as well as their hitherto unseen yearning.

Blader Soul promises to deliver a visually stunning experience, similar to other Chinese anime, and given its intriguing storyline, it is a must-watch anime.

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