Ted Nugent slams ‘bulls**t’ climate change as scam


Musician Ted Nugent slammed climate change as a scam and made false claims that global warming is “bulls—t” in a recent episode of his podcast Spirit Campfire.

“You have to have sh—for brains to believe this global warming bullsh—t,” Nugent said. “If you believe it, you have sh—for brains. While you were sleeping, someone opened your skull and took a dump inside your skull.”

Nugent, who is known for his role in The Amboy Dukes band and for his successful solo career, has made controversial statements and become a conservative voice against Democrats, transgender rights, the COVID-19 pandemic and science-backed climate change.

On his podcast, Nugent also attacked electric vehicles, dubbing them a scam. He said people “have to be mentally ill to believe in electric vehicles” and to believe that “wind turbines are better than coal or oil or natural gas or propane.”

Nugent, a big supporter of former President Trump, also called out President Biden, calling him the devil.

“He has dismantled the American Dream,” Nugent said, adding that the current state of America is a horror story.

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