Weather alerts issued across US as winter storm expected to hit East Coast


Weather alerts have been issued across the U.S. as a winter storm has been forecast to hit the East Coast.

Winter storm warnings have been issued in states including New York, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania and Virginia, according to the National Weather Service (NWS). The NWS had warned Friday of heavy snow and severe ice from Maryland to Maine.

“For the interior Mid-Atlantic and New England, there is increasing confidence in heavy snow from Saturday afternoon into Sunday,” the NWS said Friday. “The greatest uncertainty in the rain-snow transition is from southeast Pennsylvania and northern New Jersey into southern New England.”

“The combination of heavy, wet snow and gusty winds in Connecticut, Rhode Island and Massachusetts may lead to some power outages and tree damage,” it added. “Gusty onshore winds may lead to minor flooding along the Mid-Atlantic and southern New England coasts, particularly for the Sunday morning high tide cycle.”

Despite the heavy snow in other areas, cities like Washington, D.C., Baltimore and Philadelphia were not forecast to get significant snow. Instead, they were forecast to receive rain and sleet because of high temps. 

The East Coast, however, isn’t the only area facing winter storm warnings, per the NWS. States like New Mexico, Washington and Oregon are also facing their own winter storm warnings.

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