6 Fact Checks About the 2024 Presidential Race


Presidential primary elections are in full swing. Next up: Republican voters in South Carolina will pick a candidate to represent their party, and Michigan residents will participate in a caucus or primary. Here’s a calendar of all presidential primaries by state.

Less than nine months separates us from Election Day. And Snopes fact-checkers are expecting an onslaught of dubious rumors about candidates and voting to surface during that time.

Here are some election-related rumors we’ve addressed recently:


Obamas ‘Secretly Plotting’ to Replace Biden with Michelle Obama for the ’24 Election?

There’s no evidence to confirm, nor deny, the rumor that former first lady Michelle Obama may one day launch a campaign (fact check).


More Than 60% of Nevada Primary Voters Picked ‘None of These Candidates’ Over Nikki Haley?

Yes, Nikki Haley, who’s running for the Republican presidential nomination against Donald Trump, lost the Nevada presidential primary to “None of These Candidates” (fact check).


Biden the 1st Presidential Candidate to Win a Primary with Write-In Votes?

No, contrary to social media posts that attempted to add historical value to Joe Biden’s New Hampshire win, he isn’t the first presidential candidate to win a primary election as a write-in candidate (fact check).


Is Trump the 1st Presidential Candidate in History to Win New Hampshire’s Primary 3 Times?

Likewise, while it’s true Trump has won the New Hampshire primary three times (in 2016, 2020 and 2024), he isn’t the first presidential candidate to do that (fact check).


Was a Nikki Haley Campaign Staffer Arrested for Trying to Bribe Voters?

The story about military officers supposedly arresting someone with Haley’s campaign for attempting to bribe voters was nothing more than political satire (fact check).


Did Trump Tell Iowa Crowd He’ll Be President for ‘4 Years and Beyond’?

A comment by Trump at an Iowa rally about being president for “four years and beyond” went viral without necessary context (fact-check).

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